Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Informative Read: County Legislator Mike Sweeney

Legislator Sweeney is just the best, didn't think I would ever say that about a Conservative but during his time on the legislature, Sweeney has proven time and time again that he gets it. It's a shame he is choosing not to run for reelection but after you read what he has to go through with the County Republican party who can blame him???

Read Legislator Sweeney's latest blog by clicking this link

Here is an excerpt:

For the past several days, I have been contemplating leaving the Republican Caucus and forming a new Caucus with the idea of increasing transparency. In my past year of service, I've noticed that the Legislature is basically a "rubber stamp Legislature", meaning there is no real discussion about much--everything just passes.

I've also found that there is very little difference between the two Caucuses, which is why most votes pass unanimously, with maybe a handful of dissenters on occasion.Recently, I was very strongly urged to NOT fight for the tax cut that I fought for. That person has to understand that I am at the service of the people of Ulster County... the taxpayers, NOT the caucus.


Anonymous said...

As always a great job Mike now to get your team mate Aiello to show-up and your town chair to shut up or stand up not hide behind a blog you would have accomplished something in your first term. Better than the rest of the legislators.

Anonymous said...

Sweeney blinked and drank the Republican Kool Aid.The legislators will get a paid vacation for the month of January. do you get those perks? Now the whole legislature can join Aiello who has been on vacation for years. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Sweeney is in the PR business, he knows what will get pres and what won't. Watch for more can't lose press releases from Sweeney before election day.