Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roberti and Hein Haters Already Making Excuses

MoJOE Roberti has a huge post on his blog crushing over his favorite guy agian!! The former county legislator says on his blog that even if a strong Republican emerges that spends 300k on the county exec race, Hein would still win by 10 points.

In short, I agree.

Roberti claims the reason why Hein is unbeatable is that he controls the local media. You know, the typical Republican talking point about any Democrat.

It has nothing to do with the fact Mike Hein delivered a budget that didn't raise taxes, has made government more accountable to the people, the numerous victories and initiatives his office has brought forward that have improved the quality of life to county residents; including his most recent victory against the DEP.

Republicans are so desperate that Paul Hansit, the Majority Leader of the county legislature, is trying to convince Robin Yess to back Ultra Liberal Sue Zimet to run against Hein and Sue is all too eager for the opportunity.

I wish Ulster Republicans would just admit that Mike Hein is a good County Executive and has done a great job showing us that under the right leadership, government can work for the people.


Anonymous said...

Roberti was a former legislator???? No one ever saw him there, never heard him do anything???? OH he just got a another check from the taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Roberti is totally irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Roberto has a huge man crush on Hein

Not to mention is lust for March Galllagher.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we mounted an Egyptian style protest uptown at the glass menagerie, we can force Hein to step down.

Anonymous said...

Having spoken with Paul Hansut myself, your claim that he is looking for Robin Yess to back Zimet is abosultely false. Check facts before you post them.