Monday, January 10, 2011

Key Bank in Kingston Robbed

The Key bank in Kingston was robbed, still no word if Mayor Sottile is blaming the police for the robbery..will keep you updated ;~)


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Anonymous said...

The Mayor has been robbing the taxpayers for years, along with this legilature getting paid but not working and forget about the state and Feds we event give them a great retirement to get them to stop robbing us

Anonymous said...

Hey Blabber... How about some real news.. Like the fact that Dutchess County Clerk Brad Kendall believes that every Ulster County resident should pay an additional $50 to register their vehicle because the MTA sends a bus over here to pick up a very few select residents who use the train. Where is Mike Hein on this issue? Wake Fred up on this one!! Don't we pay enough in fines, surcharges, taxes?
How many people from Ulster County use metro north? Wouldn't it be easier to make the rider pay more?
Shouldn't MTA get their act together and control spending?

Stand up now against this garbage or you will pay later. Soon we'll all be robbing banks to pay our taxes, surcharges and fees.

101st Tea Bagger Army

Lou said...

It sometimes is fun to read comments on your blog. ref: anon 1744hrs. the post does make a good point about paying surcharges and taxes.

I did read on the comments from the Dutchess County Clerk about the surcharge being unfair. The County Clerk mentions about a bus going over to Ulster County to pick up residents for MTA. From that statement it seemed like it was only one bus and not buses. But the County Clerk never said in the post that Ulster County residents should pay the fifty dollar surcharge for plates that Dutchess County does. The clerk just said it is unfair.

I do agree that Ulster County should get on board on the surcharge and make sure it does not become a reality in Ulster County. Because if not and based on the way previous MTA fees/surcharges have gone through with the help of Albany. Just maybe Ulster County may get that surcharge through the DMV on renewal of plates. And that is something Ulster County does not need.

I realize that this is not the subject of this blog post. But this is something that just could snowball into something big with the MTA looking for ways to increase revenues and not reduce spending.

pete healey said...

Were 100 Harleys parked outside with loud music blaring for the entire neighborhood to hear? Had renovations been ongoing there for several weeks to turn it into a "recording studio"? Was a liquor truck and a beer distributor truck backed up to the side door unloading their "cargo"? If they were, then of course the Mayor should have expected a robbery and he probably cashed his paycheck there in the morning before distributing them to anyone else in his office. And spent the afternoon at Wiltwyck.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I never knew you had a sense of humor. Rock on!!