Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweeney Not Running for Reelection

For the record, I like Mike, he's always been open and accessible, and even appeared on my tv show back in the day, him and Rich Parete would also invite me on their morning radio show every once in awhile. With him representing an area where Republicans will hold seats no matter what, I wouldn't mind him being one of them.

From his blog:

My Decision

Thanks to all those that took part in my completely unscientific poll. The vote ended up being 60 (yes, run) to 9 (no, don't run).

Before I get to my decision, I wanted to touch upon the attendance records for the Ulster County Legislature. It was a much better year for attendance, which was good.

I managed to make every Legislature meeting plus every committee meeting (of the committees I belong to). Truth be told, I got credit for attending 2 committee meetings even though I was only there for about 15 minutes for each one. For one of the public hearings, I walked in about 30 seconds before the meeting was dismissed.

In fairness, it was one of those public hearings that lasts about 90 seconds... as many of the public hearings do. When no one shows up to speak, the meeting dismisses and everyone goes home. Just keeping it honest, as you deserve it from all of your elected officials.

Now, onto my decision on whether to run for another term. Let me begin by saying thank you to all that have voiced their support for me in recent weeks, via the poll, phone, facebook and emails. I even got a phone call from a man that used to live in Ulster County, but is now living in the State of Delaware.

Everyone was very supportive of me, so I say thank you.I have decided not to run for another term. While I'll leave the possibility open that I'll change my mind, I feel that 2 years is enough, at least for now. I'm looking forward to working closely with members of the Legislature to bring some positive changes in the next year.

Maybe we'll even get term limits passed? Time will tell.Thanks again for your support--and thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

Tell him to take Aeillo with him.

Anonymous said...

First he said his decision is he is not going to run than concludes "He has left the possibility for changing his mind."

Anonymous said...

Thats to bad he would make a good legislator if there was a working legislature

Saugertonian said...

The Democrats should recruit him to switch parties

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No way. Sweeney's stances on social issues are way out of line with Democratic Party values. He is not that courageous since with redistricting he would stand no chance of getting the Republican nod.

Anonymous said...

Sweeney deserves to be kicked out, let alone run for re-election. SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!