Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pictures from Governor Cuomo's Day One

This is probably my favorite shot of Andrew Cuomo ever! He looks so presidential, and look at that suit hes got on..nice!
Welcome Governor!

Andrew orders the removal of the barricades on state street, and promises more access to the second floor!
Governor Andrew Cuomo's first press conference.

Here are some picture from Governor Cuomo's swearing in today. Photos are courtesy of Dan Torres, who was a Blaber News correspondent for the day :~). I want to thank Mr.Torres who was nice enough to do me a huge favor and went and took great pictures from the inauguration, above are a few..the one of Cuomo coming down the stairs is by far my favorite picture of Andrew Cuomo. (btw- Look at John Milgrim in that photo (left side, red tie) and the one at the press conference, congrats my friend, you're in the big leagues!!!!)

The Governor's message today was great and I think he will be a very succesful Governor.


Anonymous said...

The suit doesnt make the man Jeremy..
Lets see what he does before we consider him presidential
We already have a well dressed president who cant figure shit out, we dont need a governor from the same mold
I hope he cleans up NYS

print THIS !!! said...

Presidential ???

Calm yourself Jeremy -

PUHLEEEEEZE he hasnt done ONE thing yet as Governor & already you have him elected President ??

His Mother's Mob Family would NEVER let this happen,, that's why Mario never ran,, Matilda Cuomo's family secrets !!!

You can look it up !

Anonymous said...

No matter how good Cuomo does, the republicans will NEVER say he's doing a good job. Thats whats wrong with this country. Its always democrat vs. republican. Its not whats best for the people. And its at its worst in this county, in the city of kingston, and the town of ulster.

Prime Time 2 said...

Hey Blabber.. it seems like you have a huge gay crush on our new hottie governer!!! You go GIRL!!

Anonymous said...

When you make comments like that you do prove yourself to be the hack the rest of the county thinks you are.

one who knows said...

8:56 WRONG again !!!

The GOP WILL give Cuomo his due IF he lives up to his rhetoric. He is closer to the GOP on most issues then the Dems.

Let's just hold our water til we see something, Anything that Andy-boi does, ok ?

Andy-boi sounds good on TV but actions speak louder then words,,,

Stay Tuned, kiddies,,,

Anonymous said...

hey 10:48 !!

Its obvious you don't know what you're talking about. I wasn't wrong again, because i wasn't wrong before.