Thursday, May 19, 2011

$$$ Anything to Sell a Newspaper $$$

The Freeman was wrong to make such a huge deal out of the recent tickets of a certian Congressman's wife. I can see publishing the name as it does with other related offences in the appropriate section of their newspaper. If not they would be giving special treatment to the Congressman.

However, the Congressman's wife is not the Congressman. I highly doubt if this were any other political figure this would be news. It's unfair to hold an elected officials family to the same standard as that of an elected official.

Hey, anything to sell newspapers, right?

For the record, the person that is being accused of the traffic offence, is someone of great integrity and I believe without question will be found not guilty.


Anonymous said...

A bad choice that could have lead to severe injury or death of an innocent person. Have to disagree with you. Would you feel the same if it were a political adversary rather than ally?

you know who - said...


Ya gots to print ALL your posts bro,

i sent one yesterday that you might not have liked the content of,, BUT,, come on, man,

open forum is the best democracy, bro,,,

Anonymous said...

He didn't allow mine from yesterday either, pointing out that he would have been the first to break the story if it was Robin Yess

Anonymous said...

You are now coming to the realization of what the Freeman IS/DOES? But you are SCHIZOID on the subject....this one is a good reporter, Ivan is cool, etc etc.
Why don't you just give the Freeman the FINGER like many of the rest of us have done(and which it deserves)?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of public figures wives have been publicly vilified for the same exact thing. Get over yourself. All the Freeman was doing was what hundreds of newspapers in the country have done previously. Right or wrong, Freeman was doing exactly what these other papers and news organizations have done. Part of the life she choose

Anonymous said...

Haha we need a "media project" show like on WAMC Radio on this, with one mic where Ira Fusfeld and two other panelists, created by two mirrors directed at Fusfeld and Fusfeld doing voice imitations of 2 other people including himself, occurs!!(not unlike the actual radio show!)