Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here and There

Mike Hein has got to be feeling good right now, the Ulster County Republican Chairwoman Robin Yess told yesterday that Ulster Republicans have no candidate to run against Hein in the November election! HOORAY!!!! There are two reasons for this, Hein has done a great job and is simply unbeatable in this county, and Republicans are scared to death they are going to lose the District Attorney's race to Democrat Jonathan Sennett and are focusing all efforts to try and keep the seat.

Jonathan Sennett will be Ulster County's next D.A., he is bright, charismatic and is working hard. Jonathan wants to be D.A. and it shows. It's not even June yet and Jon is out walking door to door talking with voters, raising money and preparing for a rigorous campaign this fall.

 I lived and breathed the 2007 D.A.'s race, Jonathan Sennett and Vince Bradley Jr., worked like hell, they were both hard campaigners. Holly Carnright not so much. To be honest, Holly played it smart, he let Jon and Vince fight it out and sat back and watched. Holly does not have that luxury this time around, he is going to have to work hard to win this time and I don't see him beating Sennett, who seems to have a well oiled machine operating his campaign.

The Ulster County legislative districts seem to be pretty much set and in Kingston it looks like Peter Loughran and Jeanette Provanzano (my favorite legislator) will have their own districts. Peter will have wards two, four and one, Jeanette's district will cover wards eight, six and seven. In district three, which covers wards three, nine and five, it gets really interesting. We are looking at a three way primary between incumbents Mike Madsen, David Donaldson and former Alderman Lenny Walker! I of course am supporting Mike Madsen, he's a friend of mine but I like Dave Donaldson and Lenny Walker a's a tough race, a lot of good people running.

Shayne Gallo keeps gaining momentum in his bid to become Kingston's Mayor, at this point he has to be considered the front runner in the race. I have never attended a fundraiser as diverse as Gallo's. Not only did he have over 200 people in attendence but they were regular people, not a lot of people from city hall or politicos, jsut regular folks.  People of all different economic backgrounds, people of different races and party was a great night and Shayne Gallo has a lot to be proud of. Gallo is inspiring this city and and making people proud to call themselves Kingstonians.

Common Council Round Up:

Ward 1- Al Teetsil has announced he is running. No Democrat has yet to come forward.

Ward 2- Tom Hoffay is running. Hoffay will have an opponent but I am supporting Hoffay, he's bright and an asset to the council.

Ward 3- Charlie Landi is running for another term. Rumblings about a possible opponent but at this point I have not heard of one.

Ward 4- Shirley Whitlock is running and I support her 110% Shirley has a Republican challenger but Shirley is doing a great job and has my support.

Ward 5- Kingston's fifth ward has some big shoes to fill! For two years fifth Ward residents had a great Alderman in Jen Fuentes, after years of having a not so great Alderman in Anne Marie DiBellaNick Woerner has stepped up to the plate and is going to do a great job, he is already active in the fifth ward and I know the residents of ward 5 will continue to be well served if he gets elected. I suspect there will probably be a primary in that race but we will see.

Ward 6- Elisa Ball is a breath of fresh air and going to do very well and there is no question in my mind she will win a seat on the council this November. I hear Mark Ingoglio, who ran for county leg may make a run against Elisa but he would just be a paper candidate.

Ward 7- I am begging Bill Reynolds to do one more term. Bill is one of my best friends and I think he is about ready after 18 years to try something else but who knows, maybe he will do one more. The Republicans had three candidates interested and there may be a gop primary in that ward.

Ward 8- Bob Senor all the way. I don't always agree with his style all the time but he knows his stuff and he follows up and is an effective Alderman. I support Alderman Senor for another term. No word of any Republican challenger yet.

Ward 9 - Mark Halwick will face off in a  Democratic primary against KPA Chairman John Simek. No word of any Republican challenger yet. I have made it very clear who I want to be Alderman come January 1, 2012: Hayes Clement ;~)


Anonymous said...

Sennett has a rough road and you know it. He is not well liked in Kingston and his own town's committee has turned on him and he has to win those two places to win. Hein has no opponent and there are no other county or statewide races, which is going to hurt him badly in turnout. It looks like Sennett is not getting the Independence line, which Carnright did not have last time around, but will this time. Sennett is having a tough time raising money and that will continue with Hein sucking up all the money with fundraisers even though he doesn't have an opponent. Carnright just won the first 1st degree murder case tried in Ulster County in decades. And no one is paying attention to this race like four years ago. He has no traction. Bottom line. He can work as hard as he wants those are all things going against him that did not exist before. Sennett may get beat worse than he did last time.

Anonymous said...

I could have won those trials. They confessed for crying out loud! Besides, that is what the DA is suppose to do, win slam dunk cases.

Carnright is not running with anyone either so he has to fire up the troops as well. At least there will be a name in the front of the line, which there will not be for the Republicans. As far as the Indy party goes, they will help with the enrollment disadvantage Carnright has.

Sennett can win, he just has to work his ass off to do so.

Anonymous said...

The big difference for Carnright is that Republicans come out for every election. Just look at the numbers...they stay consistent each year. Democrats don't.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone tell you their intentions to run for any particular ward? There might be more candidates out there who are just waiting for the right moment to declare themselves candidates. As to your fiend Hoffay,there WILL be a candidate against him. He is not free and clear.