Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Primaries for Incumbent Legislators

Democrats have a good shot to take back the Ulster County legislature this year, we have a lot of great candidates and we have excellent Democratic county legislators running for reelection.

As Democrats we need to focusing on picking up seats, making sure that Republicans in key districts are defeated and getting great candidates in office that share our values and beliefs.

It's bad enough some incumbent legislators have been put in the same districts and are forced into primaries to retain their voice on the legislature. Mike Madsen, David Donaldson, Donald Gregorius, and Roy Hochberg are four superb legislators, unfortunately on January 1st, we will lose two of them no matter what.

It is disturbing to see that some of our other great legislators like Rich Parete and Rob Parete are looking at facing primaries as well. This is counter productive to our goal of winning back the county legislature in November.

I strongly call upon our esteemed Chairman Julian Schreibman to discourage these primaries and to keep a strong focus on winning back the majority in the legislature.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeremy Blaber
Democratic committeeman Ward 8


Anonymous said...

Do you think the same about the Mayor's race?? If Hayes wins the nomination, will you call for Gallo to get out?

Jeremy Blaber said...

No, nor would I ask Hayes if Gallo wins Tuesday, it's not at all the same thing. The Mayor's race is an open seat and the Democraitc convention is unofficial.

I am talking about discouraging people from running against incumbent Democrats on the legislature and focusing efforts on winning seats back to take the majority.

Anonymous said...

I understand your logic but believe you need to support and let the process dictate the results. It is the Chairiman's resonsibility to see that the procedure is followed. Are you expecting that Madsen will step aside for Donaldson or Gregorius yield to Hochberg? I think that a better legislative candidate will emerge. The Democrats will be better for this Jeremy! Afteralll incumbency does not have its privileges in this case.
Great Caesar's Ghost

Anonymous said...

Primaries built character and reflect the will of the party's rank and file.

Jeremy Blaber said...

737: A primary in the Madsen Donadlson race and the Gregorius Hocberg race is understandable.

And to 750 yes, in some cases primaries are good and are important. However, it is poor strategy to primary Democrats that get elected year after year and are doing a good job.

The party should instead focus on key races in areas where Democrats can pick up a few seats. Our main goal has to be to get rid of Chairman Wadnola and to elect Chairman Provanzano.

Anonymous said...

1:44 - did you read the title of the post? Apparently reading comprehension escapes you.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone primary Robert Parete? He is one of the few hardworking people in the Legislature?

If Schriebman is not discouraging primaries against single incumbent legislators he should be removed from office. If there is an incumbent who was redistricted, work to get them reelected in the new district, not take them out to put your pals in.

If the seat is open, everything is fair game.

If 2 or more Dems/Reps are in the same district, let the best man win, primary or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Stop interferring. The definition of Democracy is as follows: A Government in which the supreme power is held by the people.
Let the public speak and politicians take note. We the people are the government. Not the politicians who just care about power and keeping the seat. Let new ideas come in and out with the old. Primaries keep democracy alive.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so against the elective process? If these legislators are as good as you say they are, they will not have a problem. The fact that there are primaries indicates that there are a faction of dems out there who believe there are better candidates. So let the voters decide those districts. You don't get a free pass just because you are sitting in office. Discouraging primaries causes people to not want to get involved in local politics. We should be encouraging participation, not discouraging it. Your buddy Madsen is a prime example. he ran against sitting Dems and when the committee refused to back him, he went out and won on his own. Good for him. I am no Madsen fan but he had the right to run and he won. I don't recall you speaking out then against a primary. Let the process take its course. Legislative primaries are positive. It focuses the issues, gets people campaigning early and makes for a stronger field.

Anonymous said...

12:01...In the case of Rosendale, it is the Supervisor who is trying to jam his wife down everyone's throat just like he did with the Joppenberg Mountain purchase. Parete is an effective Legislator. If she wanted to run so badly, why didn't she run when Lomita was there, or better yet, when poor Phil Terpening died and there was an opening? Could it be that the district was dominated by Esopus then?

100% BS and Shcriebman should be discouraging intra-party fighting where good, solid, hardworking incumbents are concerned.

Just because Pat McDonough wants this, and the district now favors his wife's chances, doesn't make it right.

Lomita should be standing up for Parete, just imagine if they were going for Lomita's seat? Hypocrite's one and all.

GHOST said...

If those sealed indictments are ever opened up, alot of things will change.

The ghost of PJ Nacarrato



Anonymous said...

11:42 what did you mean the Ghost of P.J. Naccarato ?

I was around during those Highway Kickback scandals,,& I always wondered how Pete Nacc got off & no one else did ???

ALways figured it was brother John's connection to Ham Fish ??

NO ?? Curious minds need to know!!