Sunday, May 01, 2011


Justice has been served. Congratulations to President Barack Obama and our U.S. Troops


Anonymous said...

We heard that he had to go because he was threateing to show off the Kenyan Birth


Anonymous said...

Right Berther.. What did Osama know and what was he going to do with it. Donald Trump must be disappointed.

Let's all go out and protest in front of Taco Bell.

TEA Bagger Birther

Anonymous said...

Thats where Bernardo has been. He has shot him using Fawn as bait to lure him out

bd said...

D E A D !!!

Hiding behind a woman at the end,, fitting for that cowardly bastard,

G-D Bless our NAVY SEALS !!


G-D Bless AMERICA !!

Anonymous said...

He is shark bait now!!! Kudos to Special OPS!

Anonymous said...

Obama! Obama! Obama! Yes, I feel safer, my dude!

Anonymous said...

We have not saw the body yet, so is he really dead.

Jeremy Blaber said...

627: Im sure you and the other birthers are waiting for Osama's long form death certificate....

Clint Brown is my Daddy said...

The kook left has been silent, but my boy Obama really has been acting very republican lately. ;)

I mean.. really.. if you are on the right, what negative can you say about Obama these days? His approval rating should take a nice climb in the coming weeks, now all he has to do is do something about this f'n $4 gas and NOBODY will beat him next year. ;)



Anonymous said...

He was unarmed and we the "Great Satan" of their lore, killed him although he could have apparently been taken alive. What does this say about how barbaric we are compared to him? The initial information was a b.s. story reminiscent of Paul Kirby's methods:"He resisted". Bullshit. By hiding behind a woman being unarmed against a team of 24 men who were all armed? Tell me something else equally ridiculous please...
And Pakistan is like Sottile, speaking nice words while stabbing us behind the back, yeah, go Pakistan you creeps with billions of our money...speaking lies and deceptions.
Even if Rockefeller caught him with some weed he would have spent life in the slammer at Attica to actually suffer for more than a few minutes--- that is sweet revenge (not knocking him off in an instant)...
Obama the Republican...well that is certainly true and until all ballots are counted in Nov. 2012 Obama will remain a phonybaloney betrayer of folks who put him there, an "Uncle Tom of all Uncle Toms"(which some may not like to hear but is absolutely the truth). It just shows what a phonybaloney party the Democrats have morphed into.

Anonymous said...

8:39 - do you not have any vision or foresight? What do you think would happen if we took Osama alive? The terrorists would rev up their attacks in exchange for his release - the entire world would constantly be threatened. He had no qualms about sending his people to their deaths for "the cause". He hid in his million-dollar compound while his minions lived in caves, and, like a pussy, he used his wife as a human shield. The man has been a coward his entire life - letting everyone else do his fighting for him. I think a bullet was too nice for him. Go Obama!

Strolnikov said...

Right-on, 8:39. I agree. But what needs to be done to reverse the cause? We need a re-birth of Liberalism in this country. We need to wage war on corporations like big oil, GE, and any US Company that is too cozy with China. We need to start actually paying for what we use and only use what we need. Yes, that means higher taxes. We need to reduce our war monger budget from 660 Billion.. that's with a B to les than 60 Billion. We need to close all foreign military bases and bring our troops home from endless Roman Empire campaigns. We need to legalise drugs and make the importation of foreign oil illegal.
We need a Kennedy in the Senate from MASS..not a Brown..but we need to make sure we re-elect a Brown from Ohio, and support our Brother Jerry Brown in California. There's alot of what we need. So let's get busy. Mobilize. Boycott. March. Read. Protest. Strike. ITS TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!! We will overcome.