Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mixed Bag

Guy Kempe, Shayne Gallo and Jen Fuentes at WFP Fundraiser at Little Italy

On Tuesday I went to the Ulster County legislature meeting, it was good to catch up with people I had not seen in a while.

A few observations:

Butch Dener's presentation on the importance of becoming an organ donor was touching. His story of survival was moving and I encourage everyone to become a donor.

Paul Hansut: maybe not all that bad of a guy, I like him. Frank Fellicello: always happy to see him, he and Rich Gerentine are great.  Rich Parete :one of my close friends and I am glad that he is now running for reelection. Susan Zimet, I am once again a fan of Legislator Zimet's and  enjoy her stories that are usually about how great she is :) Marybeth Mao: had an opportunity to bond with her a bit and she is really funny and personable.

Saw Under Sheriff Frank Falutico as well and he has got to be one of the funniest people I know, the guy is hysterical! Also got to see MariAnn DeGroodt this week (his sister) who has an absolute heart of gold.

Speaking of Falutico, Frank Falutico usually goes to all legislative meetings, it's good we have an Under Sheriff that is so involved. Deputy Election Commissioner Jay Mahler also was there, another hard working county employee that goes above and beyond her job duties. The BOE is well served under Vic Work and Jay Mahler, no question.

Prior to the Ulster County Legislature meeting I went to a protest in front of the county building that was really well attended. Terry Gilbert, Shayne Gallo, and dozens of others protested in front of the county building in favor of keeping Golden Hill county run. It was a really great event.

Mike Hein had his kick off fundraiser on Thursday, I was unable to make it but I hear that close to 400 people were in attendance and it went really well. Mike Hein is such a great guy, I had a conversation with him Friday night and he is just so impressive and can tell by listening to him that he is really passionate, his passion for Ulster County is contagious.

On Friday, I had a great night at the Working Families Party's annual mid Hudson Valley Fundraiser. This is the third one I have went to and it gets better every year. Jen Fuentes and Guy Kempe did a really great job as always. There was a lot of work and time put it in to this and the band: The Will Smith Trio was awesome! Can I also say Jen Fuentes not running for relection is a loss to Kingston.

I had a good time chatting with Jonathan Sennett, Shayne Gallo, Hayes Clement, Tom Hoffay, Sue Zimet, and a lot of other great people that night. Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and his fiance Nancy were in attendance. The Assemblyman who recently got engaged to his long time girlfriend, looked in good spirits and very happy. I wish them both the best :)

There is an election for New Paltz Mayor on Tuesday. I will devote my entire blog to Jason West on Tuesday but I want to also remind people to vote for Ariana Basco and Sally Rhodes for Village Board as well.


GBK Sr., said...

Jeremy, please stop being so nice.I don't read this to have things sugar coated. Don't urinate on my leg and tell me it is raining. Got it little fella?

And I do mean little fella. I saw you at county meeting too and you look great, keep up the weight loss.

bd said...

I love your sense of irony & yr touch of sarcasm, too.

You are totally under-appreciated, JB,


Anonymous said...

Wait, why are you now a fan of Zimet's again? Did she brain wash you?

Anonymous said...

What was this a love fest or another legislative meeting that nothing got done

Anonymous said...

Blaber see what happens when you take your meds and are a good boy. you think good thougts.

Anonymous said...

Whoever 5:16 is, he is an @$$hole. Little fella? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black? GBK doesn't want you to urinate on his leg and tell him it's raining, and then he calls you "little fella" and then pays you a compliment on the weight loss. I think that is the definition of projection - I have a feeling that GBK is the one who urinates on people's legs and tells THEM it's raining.

I know JB, and he doesn't sugar coat $hit. If he is nice to you, he means it. If your initials were not GBK, I would think your name is Dick Head.


Anonymous said...

Was Nick Woerner there?

Jeremy Blaber said...

I dont know who GBK Sr or HB is trying to figure it out lol. I know who BD is of course.

Anyway HB thank you for defending me and GBK yes down 15 pounds this month!

Anonymous said...

Good question 10:10 - Nick doesn't know how to do anything for anyone. He just expects everyone to love and vote for him. Why would he get involved in his community?