Thursday, May 12, 2011

WFP Candidates Forum in Kingston

Working Families Party Kingston Candidate Forum

Monday May 23rd 6pm - 9pm

The working families party is having a candidates forum with the candidates running for Mayor, city council and county legislature. The forum is open to the public and people are encouraged to attend. This is your oppertunity to ask questions of candidates that want to represent you, be there!


1 opinion but a true one said...

WFP are one SCARY bunch.

Most of em are so nasty & corrupted that I cant stand to be in the same room with them.

I have seen the WFP in action, they remind me of Stalin & his tactics.

Just one man's opinion, but one who has been in the trenches for many years.

Many of these 3rd parties are just too out there for me & my constituents.

WFP is S C A R Y people.

Anonymous said...

you did not mention aplace a date a time

Anonymous said...

Where in Kingston??

Anonymous said...

City Hall.