Friday, May 27, 2011

Here and There

Republicans still have no candidate to face off against Democrat Mike Hein. Apparently most Republicans are smart enough to know that Mike Hein is well liked by the public and probably is unbeatable no matter who runs.

However, Republicans are not giving up. The soon to be new Chair of the Ulster County Republican party Roger Rascoe is pretty insistent that someone run against Hein and Roger has a lot of energy and something to prove...however Rascoe as far as strategy is concerned is a complete amature, he couldn't hold a candle to myself,  let alone political Heavy Weight Mike Hein. No offense but if the Republicans wanted to gain any sort of credibility they would have made Tom Turco chairman and focused their energy on the District Attorney race...another race they will lose and lose badly.

Word on the street is Phil Sinagra is going to be made the place holder for Ulster County Executive at the GOP convention in two weeks and that Ulster Supervisor James Quigley is still thinking over a run for Executive. Quigley, who would win reelection in a walk for Ulster Supervisor, would be foolish to challenge Hein.

City Republicans are in even worse shape, we hear they have no candidates for Alderman at large or in  Wards 2,3,5,&9.

I predict Richard Cahill will emerge as the nominee of the Republican city convention for Mayor, from what I hear he has the votes. Andi Turco Levin, Ron Polocco and Jean Jacobs are all committed to going to a primary regardless of the outcome.

City Democrats have strong candidates in all wards :  Wards ;2 Hoffay, 3; Landi, 4Whitlock, 5 ;Woerner/ Keizer..Woerner will ultimately be nominee, 6; Ball, 7 ;(rumor) Frank Dart, 8; Robert Senor and 9 Halwick/Simek  I did not leave out Ward 1 because there is no candidate, expect a HUGE NAME to run in Ward 1 that will all but guarantee a victory for Democrats..I have been sworn to secrecy.

Hugh Reynolds predicted a Shayne Gallo victory for Tuesday's Democratic convention for the race for mayor. We will see. The Democratic convention will be tight because the Dem City Chairman is very much out front for Gallo's opponent Freshman Hayes Clement. Gallo's huge momentum throughout Kingston is showing, especially in midtown. As a result we hear Gallo is picking up support left and right. Regardless of Tuesday's outcome, Gallo is looking at a 2:1 primary victory.


Anonymous said...

The Republican final nail in the coffin when Rascoe takes over. He chairs a town with 80% rep that doesn't mean he knows what he is doing. He got thrown off the town board years ago for being a buffoon. I there is a way they can go lower he will find out how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Clement is a good guy, but he is not well known enough for the people of Kingston. In Kingston, Democratic name recognition is everything.

As far as the wards go, I see some good candidates on that list, but one guy has to go. He messed up Ulster so bad, why do we want that in Kingston?

If it is true that the City Chairman is supporting Clement, then he should resign, he should be neutral until the city convention.

Quigley will not run, he knows he has no chance and after kicking Woener's ass so easily, he will not run to lose.

The county Republicans are in turmoil, broke, and have no bright lights on the horizon. It should be a Democratic sweep, Exec, Legislature, and DA.

The City Republicans will foolishly nominate the new and improved Rick Cahill who will then lose in a primary to Turco-Levin. Cahill has no future in politics and the sooner he realizes this, the better it will be for him. He may want to consider relocating to a place where people do not know him so well. Gallo wins Mayor pretty easily in Kingston.

In 4 years, I see a Clement vs. Turco-Levin barn burner, if they can hang in there that long. Gallo will move on to something more permanent in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy you say all this with such glee in your tone, but you still havent realized that under the current rule for the last 3-5 years, Ulster county and the city of Kingston have become nothing more than a dumping ground for all the filth NY can send our way, and all the prisoners we can handle..
Be proud of all these people you put on a pedastal, because not too many of us business owners and tax payers are.
With or without a republican nominee, the current admins locally (all of them), have not produce one signifcant improvment to our area.
Quit blowing thier horn like they have revitalized our area, or made it something special for its constituents.
I know you wont post this because you arent mature enough to understand this, or see the reality.
It must suck to have to kiss all thier asses in hope for a job or a friend.

Jeremy Blaber said...

923: I am posting your comment because of your last remark. This is what I love to do, I like being a politcal operative and that is what I plan to do my entire life. Hopefully, someday in Albany or Washington. I have NO interest in working for county or city government at's too boring.

While I love Kingston and will continue to live here, I fully intend to go back to work to Brooklyn after this election cycle is over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rascoe--no brain power there and we are back in the gutter if he is the chosen one to move the Republican party forward. Slick Sinagra should stick to being chair in his own town and forget about running for county executive. Between him and his brother, they are one of the reasons the republicans can't get out of their own way. Did either one of them hear of permanent retirement?

Anonymous said...

You should not underestimate Rascoe. Noonan did and he went bye-bye.

As for the city, look for Clement to win the Dem convention and Cahill to win the Rep convention.

Gallo will primary and likely win but NOT 2 to 1. That's foolish. The real question will be WFP and Ind write-in primaries. Gallo or Clement must win all 3 or face a split ticket.

Turco-Levin will primary Cahill and lose decisively. If she had any political savvy, she'd go after Peter Loughran. With the majority of the district in her ward, she could win, albeit close. By knocking off a long time player like Loughran, she'd be a real big wheel at the county level.

Polacco will not primary. He is too smart for that. He knows he can't win. Cahill has the Conservative line and he won't get beat with a write-in primary. Look for Polacco to run for Alderman-at-Large or Legislator against Jeanette. That's the smart move for him.

In the general, the mayor's race will be close. I see ways for Clement, Gallo, or Cahill to win the right to sit at the big chair. The others (Turco-Levin, Polacco, and Jacobs) have ZERO chance to win. Though 2 of them could be spoilers at best.

Happy Memorial Day everybody.



Anonymous said...

Please let it be true there is a alderman candidate for Ward 1 because Teetsel should under no circumstances make a comeback. As 1:22 pm states "permanent retirement" applies to him also. Some people never know when enough is enough.

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the person who asked me where Reynolds predicted a Gallo victory. I am not publishing your comment becasuse of the other lies written in your post. However, Reynolds stated it in his latest column in the Kingston Times.

Again, I see the Dem convention going either way, I am just saying Gallo wins primary hands down in my humble opinion.

As for your other question please see my comment at 1249pm in this thread. The answer is NOT A CHANCE, I have zero interest and am just a simple supporter becasue of my love for T.R. and honestly Shayne Gallo is by far more qualified.

Anonymous said...

1) Shayne wins at the convention with margain to spare.

2) Most of the alderman who publicly support Hayes will not support him at the convention. They all know that if Hayes gets anywhere, they are conceding that Hoffay will be the first amongst "equals" on the council and they certainly do not want that.

3) Shayne gets both the independence and working family line because he is the only candidate who is an independent thinker, who works day to day to make a living and who has a family who he has and continues to support. He wins those nominations hands down.

4) Even in a three way race, Shayne wins hands down. He has significant cross over support and heis the only candidate who knows how to walk door to door and win over voters.

5) This campaign will be won door to door and therefore, all roads lead to Mayor Gallo.

Anonymous said...

Hayes will go door to door to but he is not as likable. Nice guy but not the right guy at this time. Hayes very well could be our mayor someday but at this stage, I am with Gallo. Hayes needs a bit more seasoning and experiance. I also don't think he will be with us on important issues I care about. I could be wrong but I don't know him enough to vote for him to be Mayor.

Anonymous said...

4:15...I heard that there are a couple of people mulling over a Dem run against Teetsel. Both of the potential candidates are well-educated and would be a formidable candidate. Hopefully, no matter who gets on the council, no one will tolerate Senor's pettiness and shut down his asinine proposals. There are too many more important issues to be addressed - anyone with half a brain should tell Senor to shut up and go away. He's too distracting.

Anonymous said...

I think Leonard Walker is a good candidate for legislator. He always looks out for the City of Kingston residents.

Anonymous said...

Having attended the WFP candidate forum, I feel confident that Shayne Gallo will get the WFP endorsement. He represents all that WFP stands for.

I would love to see him win the democratic convention as well, but feel confident that he will win the primary, regardless. He is far and away the best candidate for the job, and the people of Kingston know that. He is smart, yet still a relatable, down-to-earth guy.

Anonymous said...

Gallo should win everything hands down. Cahill will get beat badly as soon as he opens his mouth. Shayne doesn't need the Indy line and should distance him self from buying that line that bernardo is trying to sell everyone. When the republicans realize that the little guy can go back to his wheel job

Anonymous said...

9:17pm--L. Walker has been MIA for way too long and can't expect that his party is going to make him a champion. For someone who bailed from the dem. camp, joined the repubs and then went back to the dems, he is not in any race for the right reasons. Step aside, Lenny and let the real leaders lead.

Anonymous said...

Polacco is going to end his political career with whatever move he makes.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what party you are with, it's where your heart is for the people. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

If you plan to be an operative, dont you believe you should have some ideas on the operations being performed by your favorite leaders?
We are tanking as a city and county, yet you keep telling everyone how great these people are.
Dont you walk the streets of this city and see the failures everywhere?
If you dont see them, you arent going to be sucessful as an operative...