Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Editorial on Sottile Over the Top

Let me start off by saying I am happy Jeanne Edwards got her job back as a code enforcement officer with the city of Kingston. Jeanne is a hard worker and a woman that cares deeply about the city of Kingston. Furthermore, I am very happy that my friend Tim Williams was cleared of any wrong doing.

With that being said I have to say, the Sunday Freeman Editorial on Mother's Day was extremely inappropriate and my heart went out to Mayor Jim Sottile after reading it.
For those who missed it, you're lucky. The editorial was extremely graphic and unnecessary. I'm not saying they didn't have the right to give their opinion on the results of a sexual harassment case that cost the city a lot of money but some of the unfounded allegations and comments they printed were over the top and on Mother's Day no less.

Mayor Sottile, like his management style or hate it, he is a good guy and dedicated to Kingston and more importantly a family man. The comments they printed, I wont put up here but lets say they leave a lot to be desired. Jim has a wife and a son my age, they did not deserve to open the paper on mother's day and read that editorial about their husband/father.

In short, it was despicable and if I was a subscriber to the Freeman, I would of canceled my subscription.

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What drugs are you on?