Friday, July 22, 2011



Russo filed a declination to run in a primary against incumbent Rich Parete. Parete now holds the Democratic, Republican, Independence and Working Families party lines for county legislator..I'm gunna go out on a limb and say he has a pretty good shot of getting reelected ;~)

On a personal note, I'm really happy for Rich, he is a hard working legislator that does a lot for the county and his district, the people of his community are lucky to have him as their representative.

Tony Russo is a guy I have known since I was 8 years old, he's a family friend and a really nice man too, I hope we can all come together as Democrats. Tony Russo will make a  great County lawmaker some day, and from what I hear is doing a good job in Marbletown where he serves as Councilman.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rich. I hope we can count on your support to keep Golden Hill Health Care Center County run.

Anonymous said...

Tony Russo is not that nice person you might think he is.He was used by Shannon and Julian Schreibman to settle a score with Rich.
Schreibman threatened to sabotage the nomination of Parete’s brother, fellow Democratic Legislator Robert Parete, for the District 19 seat if he, Richard, sought the party’s nod in District 18.The Paretes' don't scare easily,Tony and his party boss friends were going to get their heads kicked in and they knew it. Rich and Rob have spent a lifetime making friends in Marbletown and Hurley.

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Congratulations Rich. But I think this makes the Republicans look like the back of a horse since they went and endorsed Rich. Rascoe went out on a limb with Roberti, Jacobsen, and several others to fight Sinagra on that. Maybe this will bring the real Republicans back when they get done laughing at the comedy the party has become since Bernardo's took over or was it Rascoe or was it Catalano.

Anonymous said...

Good for Rich Parete. I am happy for him. Tony Russo is a good guy but was being used by Julian.

Quick question how have Dems sone since Julian? That's right we lost the county legislature, lost every county race that has come up and there is more infighting than ever.

Way to go Julian.

Anonymous said...

Julian has to get permission from his wife to attach his testes. She retains possession of them and only allows him to have them when she want's something done.
He is a weak, spineless, wimp who has no idea how to run a political party.