Monday, July 18, 2011

WFP Big Gun Dan Cantor To Endorse Sennett, Be There This Morning at 11am!!!!!


Dan Cantor the Executive Director of the Working Families party will be in Kingston tomorrow to endorse Jonathan Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney.

Dan Cantor is a political idol of mine, I worked for his organization for over two years and gained a lot of experience and knowledge about politics during that time.

Interesting Fact: Mr. Cantor cut his teeth in Chicago starting a political party called the new party, they ran a young candidate for Illinois state senate that won named Barak Obama.

Mr. Cantor who is one of the most powerful political leaders in New York City and across the state, is as down to earth as they come, I would often see him ride his bicycle to work. Just a great and brilliant man. Come out today and support Jonathan Sennett for DA and meet Dan Cantor!!!!


Anonymous said...

JB, I love reading this blog and your persona. Some people love you, others hate you and you are who you are. You don't change for people and I respect that. I enjoy what you write and would love to sit down and have a drink with you some day and pick your brain.

Anonymous said...

This is a big who cares. The WFP is almost meaningless in Ulster County. What do they have 500 members in the county and probably 40% of them vote. This is not even worth mentioning.

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the person that left a comment trashing me and a number of local officials and saying I wouldn't have the guts to publish the post, I find it amusing. At least I put my name on the blog and what I write. I didn't publish your post but if you have the guts to re submit it and actually sign your name to it, I would be happy to.

1:19 there are probably upwards of 2500 WFP registered voters in Ulster County and their line on the ballot is row D, above the Independence party. More people in Ulster County voted on the WFP line than they did on the Indy line in last years election.

In most cases WFP nets more than the conservatives as well in Ulster County, despite them having more registered voters. WFP has a huge following and a big impact in this county and in some cases has made the difference in the outcome of a number of races. Most notably the 2008 race for Ulster County Comptroller.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between a Gov.'s election and a county where there are no county wide elections this year except DA. This is endorsement isn't worth much. Not getting the Independence line is going to hurt a lot more than getting the WF will help. There are many non-enrolled voters who will not vote for him because he has this endorsement.