Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mayor's Poll

Rumors of a Mayor's poll floating around that may be released as early as Monday shows a few very interesting points I have heard:

1. Gallo leads Clement by more than 25 points if the primary were held today.

2. Jim Sottile if he were to of run for reelection would of handily beat either Clement or Gallo in a primary among prime voters respectively. In a three way race, Clement does really well but Sottile still wins.

3. Jim Noble is Kingston's most popular Democrat with an approval rating at 68% among city Democrats.

4. Shayne Gallo has a 74% name recognition amoung Democrats to Clement's 28%

5. Either Shayne or Hayes would beat any Democratic Alderman in a hypothetical primary for Mayor. However, a certain female candidate that is not an Alderman yet, loses to Hayes by less than 5 points.

The poll professionally done is not sanctioned by any candidate or committee and the only poll that matters is on election day but interesting none the less.


Anonymous said...

Yes but the 150 thousand (which I hear is the amount Hayes is gunna spend on the race) buys a lot of ads

Anonymous said...

The poll also asked favorbility on Hein and Cahill. I want to know who is more popular the exec or assemblyman of the 101st. No one cares about the race for mayor.

Anonymous said...

150 grand is ridiculous. No one can be dumb enough to spend that kind of money on a local mayoral race.
besides, the more he spends, the more the voting public will see through his act.
Spend what you will Hayes, Kingston may not be as sophisticated as you are accustomed to, but its voters will not be bought.

Anonymous said...

It is early and for Shayne or anyone else to think it is in the bag is just foolish. Hayes still has 2 full months to get his name out there to the registered Dems. It is not that difficult and the audience is small. It will boil down to if the Kingston Democrats want to see a new face or an old face. I would not bet on blogs or diner/street corner talk to pull Shayne through this. There is obviously change in the wind.

After the primary,the loser should drop out of the race or we will be looking at Mayor Turco-Levin. Who wants that? Not me!

The last thing I will say is the negative posts on these blogs turn voters off, that is not good for anyone. Let's stick to the issues and may the better man win. Let's move Kingston into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Clement is not dumb enough to spend that kind of money on a job that pays $70K a year. If he is, who would be stupid enough to vote for him.

LBJ-HHH Democrat said...

Look I want to be able to walk in midtown. The residents of midtown have a right to walk in a safe place. The people of midtown are good hardworking people. I am not a resident of midtown but as residents of Kingston we are all in this together. Gallo has a no nonsence, workable plan to bring law and order back to the streets.
I am a Liberal but it is time we empower midtown. Gallo will do that

Anonymous said...

re: Hein/ Cahill

It's a Kingston based poll on Dems, so it would only tell you who is more popular in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am very happy with Shayne Gallo. I think it is a victory for Kingston if he wins. However, if not we need to support Hayes. Cahill, or Levin would be awful.

Anonymous said...

3:18, I have to disagree. I like Shane but if he loses, Andi Turco Levin would be fine as Mayor. She is a MODERATE Republican with good ideas. Rich is not palpable and neither is Hayes Clement. We must implement change this year or this city will never survive.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy why are you not going after MOJO as a Republican chair he voted to support a Dem Rich Parete what a cover up. Oh I forgot Bernardo tells you what to post.

Anonymous said...

Andi would be terrible as Mayor. At least Cahill understands the issues. I would much rather have someone i disagree with that is competent. Andi has no clue about the issues or the city.

The 2 best and most qualified candidates are Gallo and Cahill. I'm voting for Gallo. If he loses the primary, I'll vote Cahill. I would never vote for Hayes Clement or Andi.

Anonymous said...

11:52, a reverse psychology there? Looks like you won't vote for the likely primary winners. Now what?

Anonymous said...

I like Shayne, Andi, Cahill and Clement in that order. As for the rest forrgeettabboutit, what a waste of time for them to continue. Polocco is honestly going to hurt Cahill.

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill has no chance and he is a fool for thinking he does. Anyone who wastes a vote on him is an imbecile. He would be the worst mayor in the city's history, bar none!

I think that he should take the stars and stripes tie of his, stick it up his ass and sing the star spangled banner while riding in Uncle Willie's baby carriage up the middle of Broadway.

Go Andi!