Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reynolds' Column 7/22: GALLO MOST IMPRESSIVE

 Below is an excerpt of Hugh Reynolds' column this week, he is right on the money but if I may offer a minor correction: Shayne got 767 signatures, only 10 less than the entire city committee who had Hayes Clement on their petitions.  Gallo turned in more than "just over 700" as Mr. Reynolds stated but closer to 800, and a very good job by Team Gallo.

As Reynolds points out this is impressive but you really need to understand the process to realize why. Gallo did not have the benefit of the committee's backing, so he had to put together a group of volunteers to carry petitions for him and have them go out and get registered Democrats to sign them. Gallo was competing with the entire city Democratic committee because a registered Democrat can only sign for one candidate.

For those that don't know how this process worked, here is a little insight:  The Democratic committee had Hayes Clement on all the petitions, which means anyone that signed for Jim Noble for Alderman at Large or any of the Democratic candidates for Alderman, were by default also signing for Hayes Clement. So the 150 petitions Elisa Ball turned in for herself, or the 100 that Landi turned in, all also counted for Hayes' total. Some may say this is unfair but really that is how the process works and it is the only real benefit of being the unofficial candidate of the committee.

Shayne Gallo's petition on the other hand, were just for Shayne Gallo. Every person that signed and carried petitions were doing so specifically for Shayne Gallo to support his candidacy for Mayor. There is no denying that Gallo and his supporters sent a strong message to the city committee, it's chairman Frank Cardinale and their candidate for Mayor: This race is about grassroots and putting Kingston first, not about politics as usual or which candidate has the largest checkbook.

“Grass-roots” Shayne Gallo — they’re all grassroots campaigns at this level, Shayne — made the most impressive showing among non-endorsed petition gatherers, with just over 700 signatures. Gallo, the Democratic challenger, did not have the advantage of committee members circulating his petitions. If nothing else, Gallo’s signature total confirms a determined, serious candidacy.

On the Republican side, worker bee Pollaco demonstrated once again how far a candidate can go with grit and shoe leather. Pollaco won reelection as Sixth Ward alderman by canvassing the ward three times in 2009. A similar city-wide effort, largely on his own, produced an unofficial 376 signatures, more than three times the minimum.

GOP convention choice alderman Andi-Turco Levin produced a respectable 303 signatures. Republicans have about half as many committee members as Democrats; some can even sit up and take nourishment.

Former alderman Rich Cahill, GOP candidate for mayor in 2007, filed 176 signatures, mostly with a two-man campaign staff, himself and his father. Cahill, like Turco-Levin, is pointing to the primary. Both would be wise to keep a closer watch on Polacco.

Former school board president Jean Jacobs, seen as a joke by some, gathered 189 signatures.

Nominating petitions obviously are but a means to an end. But there is this. Thoughtful people — and here I eliminate dopes who sign anything placed before them — will tend to vote for the person whose petitions they signed, by and large. As such, the petition signing results — 303 for Turco-Levin, 741 for everyone else — should give the Republican official nominee pause.

The Democratic nomination would seem a tossup, again not necessarily good news for the party nominee.

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Anonymous said...

So, where's this big surprise story that's so "hush hush".

Anonymous said...

One of the responsibilities of a Committeeman is to carry and get signatures of those who have won the Party's nomination. With that in mind, as a Committeeman, did you carry petitions for Clement?

Jeremy Blaber said...

No sir, I did not. I carried for a lot of other candidates though.

Jeremy Blaber said...

958: I was refering to Tony Russo dropping out of the race.

Anonymous said...

Andi Turco Levin had 151 signatures that were no good.303 minus 151 leaves 152.She at this point actually finished last in count put the blame on Sinagra who checked all petitions and blew it big hurting Levin, Brown,&Teetsel.Sorry He is incompetant. Levin got Teetsel one signature.She should be ashamed of herself.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you leave out the focus Reynold's article--that no one can confirm numbers the county executive may have inflated on the success of the shared services plan he got the state comptroller to wildly praise. Fair and balanced, Blaber?

Jeremy Blaber said...

There was no inflation, the Executive's numbers were 100% correct. Are you saying the State Comptroller is wrong too? Come on, Mike Hein deserves praise here not critisism.

Anonymous said...

How can you or ANYone take Hugh Reynolds seriously

He is past his "prime" & writes with his own personal vendettas showing plainly,

He is a hack of the lowest form,, rumors & innuendo is his stock in trade,,

Disregard Reynolds & you will have more credibility, Bro,

Hughie SUX !!!

Anonymous said...

Andi Turco Levin is without a doubt the best candidate that is running for Mayor and more than likely it will be her and Gallo. Cahill and Polacco are a couple of cuckoos that are not gonna make it through the primary. It is obvious that Cahill has intense resentment against the party that he worked so hard to build. I understand his resentment, but the fact is he can not possibly think he is going to win. Besides Turco Levin is prettier than Cahill.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you have proven that local politics are more a popularity contest than a election for the most qualified person.
Let me know how nice Andi's smile is when she needs to attach the boods and crips and unions.
They dont care if she is cute or not, but the locals cant get past basic intelligence.
Dont vote with the little head!

Anonymous said...

1:02, what is wrong with being pretty AND SMART? Turco Levin is getting my vote based on her performance as an alderwoman and her back ground in real estate. Looking forward to pulling the lever for her.

Anonymous said...

not pretty,not smart,no record,salesperson,not qualified.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. levin had 25 people at her grand opening of her campaign headquarters. That includes her family and a poor showing of republican committee people.She is on the road to a primary loss and I think she knows it.It just goes to show You gan't buy the mayers job on your husbands money or influence.