Monday, July 11, 2011

Here and There

I found this great picture of the Pike plan back from the late 70's, it was a picture a friend sent to me of the actual ribbon cutting ceremony. I thought it would be nice to send the picture to Alderman Hoffay, Hoffay represents uptown and is a staunch supporter of the pike plan.

However, when I went to send it to Tom on Facebook I found he had defriended me.  Part of me thinks it's petty and childish and who cares. However there is another part of me that finds it very disturbing and  an offensive act of Alderman Hoffay to do. This coming from a guy that has made it a point to me over and over again of the importance of everyone getting along so we can come together after the primary. (He says this and than proceeds to attack me all over town). I have always been a strong supporter of Hoffay's despite the recent attacks because I understand this is politics to a certain extent, he is upset with me for no other reason other than I am not falling in line to support his candidate for Mayor.

It's funny, I've known Tom before Hayes even lived in Kingston. In 2007 after Hoffay retired abruptly from Albany and moved back to Kingston full time, it was me and other local Democrats that really stepped up and fought hard to have the Democratic committee urge Mayor Sottile to appoint him (which he had  strong reservations about, and rightfully so) to the council to fill Jen Ringwood's seat.

 It was also me that gave up a few Saturday mornings to walk with Hoffay's friend to areas of Ward 2 to get him signatures, it was also I who two years ago spoke to the Independence Chairman about getting Tom the line for reelection.  As early as this year I defended him numerous times over different nonsense that he was getting blamed for in regards to the Mayor's race even though everything I was hearing that he did, I knew in my gut he was doing. Hoffay and I are a lot a like politically, we play the same game of chess and use the same no holds barred type playbook.

I guess the only difference is I can separate the politics from the person, I can get in a sparring battle with someone for months and not take it personally because I understand the role and duty of a political operative. You are essentially a hired gun for the party or candidate you support, a lot of times especially in a primary you are going against people you like and sometimes you are on opposite sides of friends. However, you don't allow that to cloud your judgement or distract you from your obligations. Hoffay gets this better than anyone because in his gut he is nothing more than a political operative, that is who he is. This is a guy that once explained to me how many constituents must be in a ward to warrant going to their family's funeral.

Also lets not kid ourselves, Hoffay is the operative and brain behind the Clement campaign, it's not Kevin Buso and it certainly is not Ken Brett. It's Tom Hoffay running the show, he is the only one associated with Hayes' core campaign that is competent to do so on a city wide level.

 On a final note on Alderman Hoffay, it's disappointing I have lost a good friend this political season over a difference in opinion on who we support in a political race. The amount of lies and bashing he has done behind my back leaves a lot to be desired. If Tom had an issue with me, he could have talked with me directly, no need to lie about me to other people.

The Children's Day Parade in Kingston was great. It rained but no one seemed to mind, all the major candidates for Mayor were in attendance. I thought it was really nice of the Gallo campaign to hand out water to the kids and parade participants because even though it was a little wet, the sun was still beating out there.

James Noble had a sold out fundraiser at Mariner's Harbor, with about 200 people in attendance, he is looking at an easy reelection bid. Noble who recently was polled with the highest approval rating amongst city Democrats, has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines for reelection.

Joe Marchetti is rumored to be the Republican candidate for Alderman at Large has an uphill battle at best, I hear the Conservative party is not supporting his candidacy. Noble who cruised to reelection four years ago with just the Dem line should have no trouble this time around with three lines.

Location, Location, Location: I give Andi Turco Levin a lot of credit she could not have picked a better spot for her campaign headquarters. On the corner of St. James and Broadway it is a perfect location, 50,000 cars pass by it daily and it does not hurt it is a block away from Keegan Ales!

Dr. La Mar Hasbrouck who is in charge of the Ulster County Health department is really an impressive guy, I ran into him at the county building last week and was listening to him speak on a number of different issues at a health committee meeting of the legislature and he is top notch. Definitely an asset to Ulster County.

The Independence party of Kingston had a great picnic last week, Joe DiFalco did a good job putting it together. DiFalco who is acting city chair of the Independence party is really out working hard and doing good things for the community.

On a related note congratulations to Ellen DiFalco who was sworn in as a library trustee on Wednesday by Justice James P. Gilpatric . Ellen won a term on the board last month and I think will do a fine job for the Library.


Anonymous said...

where is the picture?

Anonymous said...

Wow, where do I start about complaining on how Tom Hoffay has exhibited poor character over the yrs. Yes, he is a political operative, but he never keeps his word and should NEVER be trusted. I really think that Seth Allen is going to beat Hoffay in the ward, Hoffay is simply not well liked and has reputation of being irresponsible (especially with other people's credit cards). Also, you are correct when you say Andi Turco Levin has great location for H.Q. She will easily beat Cahill in primary. Poor Cahill cant even fill a room at a simple pizza and beer fundraiser, how the hell is he going to win an election?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you are not the only one in the political fishbowl that has been burned by Hoffay.. what upsets me about this guy is that he owes a big thank you to to politics in general since virtually every job he has had since leaving the priesthood has been on the public payroll. However, he has a propencity to lose these cake jobs one way or another. Not good, he should have to go out and actually WORK for his daily bread like the rest of us poor slobs. I am hoping he loses this election day by this kid Seth Allen and i have friends and family in ward 2 so...

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Tom Hoffay, he is very arrogant. Not to mention the fact he is a big gossip that cares about himself and pushing his agenda and angle. Remind you of someone?

Even with this post you have an angle Blaber! Who are you trying to fool, do you really think anyone believes that you care what Tom Hoffay thinks of you?

Fair being fair you wrote this to get out there that Hoffay is running a nasty campaign for Hayes Clement's benefit and to push Clement as being backed by insiders.

Don't bs a bser. I read your blog about once a week, you're a smart guy, don't try and be too smart.

I know you will make it as the political somebody you want to be because it's an obvious passion. You also play way outside of the conventional boundaries that the old timers follow, the effect cuts both ways. Be prepared to have enemies along the way, it comes with the territory.

By the way, another word of advice from someone that is old enough to give it but not an old timer, keep your private life private. Tom Hoffay should never have been friends with you on facebook anyway. Seperate and know the difference between your professional relationships and friendships.

Anonymous said...

I think Cahill beats Andi. Her only chance is Polacco staying in the race. I hear he's been offered a job in the administration by Andi to stay in and hurt Cahill's chances in the primary.

Anonymous said...

What took you so long to wise up to the shenanigans of Hoffay? You are not exactly a" babe in the woods". A wolf in sheeps clothing and only out for himself. All of his pontifications are a bore. I too have friends in ward 2 and this is the year he goes down. Enough!! Go Seth!!!
And to 10:53...What a crock of s.... regarding Polacco. Cahill cannot win. Doesn't have the support of many republicans. Would need to get a hell of a lot of NOP's to vote for him and they cannot in a primary.
And Yes, it is a great location and a coup for Andi. She is one smart individual and she has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hoffay is a yenta, for crying out loud. His position in the ward is slipping and I too think that Seth Allen will beat Tommy boy easily. I also think that Andi wins primary with good numbers and will gain momentum to make a serious run for mayor. Also, term limits proposal is a gem and badly needed in Ktown.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are being bashed all over town, but don't let it get you down too much. They are the ones that look at themselves in the mirror and be happy with the reflection. Politics is what it is. Nasty and sometimes brings out the worst in people.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay is a well documented dirt bag!

Anonymous said...

How can you be shocked by what Hoffay does to you or anyone else. The guy has committed more crimes and gotten away with it than anyone else in Kingston. There are guys doing time for doing the same thing Hoffay has gotten away with and all of Kingston knows it. You are best to keep clear of this guy as far as you can, he is bad news. Being defriended by that guy is a badge of honor...wear it proudly.