Thursday, July 14, 2011

Times Up: Petitions are In..Who's In, Who's Out??????

Primaries Kingston:


 Democratic:  Shayne Gallo vs. Hayes Clement

Republican: Rich Cahill, Ron Polocco, Andi Turco Levin and Jean Jacobs

Ward 9:John Simek vs. Mark Halwick (D)

Ward 5: Nick Woerner vs. Bill Carrey (D)

Ward 4: Shirley Whitlock vs. Matt Ryan  Note: Ryan has filled petitions but from what I hear they are garbage, a lot of mistakes and will be thrown out. A primary in Ward 4 is not likely. (D)


Alderman at Large: James Noble has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines and will face off against  Joe Marchetti who will have the Republican line.

Ward 1 : Matt Dunn has the Democratic, Independence and Working Families lines to face off against former Alderman Al Teetsel who has the Republican and Conservative

( Teetsil's petitions are all messed up and he likely will be thrown off the ballot)

Ward 2: Seth Allen has the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines and will face off against the incumbent in that Ward.

Ward 3: Charlie Landi has the Democratic line and will be facing Nate Horwitz who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence..this is a race to watch but I still give Landi the edge.

Ward 4 : Shirley Whitlock vs. Republican (not sure his name)

Ward 5: Nick Woerner vs. Craig Johnson (R) vs. Janai McDonough (WFP)

Ward 6:Elisa Ball  unopposed..congratulations to the Alderwoman elect

Ward 7: Mary Ann Mills has the Democratic, Independence lines vs. Curtis Dankleman who has the Republican line

Ward 8: Robert Senor has the Democratic line and will face off against Republican Chuck Polocco

Ward 9:  Should be decided on the winner of the Democratic primary between Halwick and Simek.  Republican Debbie Brown's petitions will most likely be tossed for errors.



curious in the South said...

Tonight came & went, JB,,,
Who is IN Who is OUT ???

Why didnt you post my Hinchey comments ?

I wasnt rude just stated my opinion that i was waiting for his much-talked about RESIGNATION announcement, in August.
We all know it is gonna happen,, just WHEN is the only question left !!!

Jeremy Blaber said...

I don't see Hinchey going anywhere he is good for another term or as many terms as he wants but I will talk about that in my next post...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

The WFP did not make an endorsement in Ward 7.
Nobody applied.
Jen Fuentes

Anonymous said...

Please check your spelling...I enjoy your blog, but you have spelled many of the candidate's names wrong.

Jeremy Blaber said...

My mistake regarding Ward 7, post has been corrected.

Anonymous said...

First of all, be professional and find out who the republican is that is running in ward 4. second of all, there is no 7th ward WFP candidate and your comments regarding errors in petitions is very premature. A good journalist researches before reporting. Otherwise one is just a gossip columnist. I am not sure you will post this criticism but we will see.

Anonymous said...

I went to Polish Bazaar last night & saw all the Politicos. One really stood out, A.Turco-Levin. She was dressed like a ten year old. How can anyone take her seriously? Her grasp of the issues is as immature as her wardrobe. She needs to go home. She's not in the same league as the Dems & Reps in the Mayor's race.

Jeremy Blaber said...

1028: I try my best to put out information that is accurate. Lets be honest in many ways this is a gossip blog but that does not mean the information is not correct, I have seen the petitions in question and Teetsil, Ryan and Brown's petitions will be thrown out. They are major errors, I know what I am talking about.

Teetsel and Brown can get themselves back on the ballot by doing an otb for their major lines as Turko Levin did in 2009.

Speaking of Andi 949: I am not supporting her bid for Mayor but I have to disagree, I always find her to be dressed just fine, she always looks nice and appropriate. In my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Blaber thatis because you like every other guy in Kingston finds her attractive. What do you care how she dresses? To some of us ladies it is offensive.

Anonymous said...

Re Levin: It doesn't matter what she wears, she can't run with the big dogs.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of us guys in Kingston (straight guys that is) do not find Andi in the least bit attractive. She might have been cute, in that rock and roll groupie sort of way, twenty or so years ago, but cute only goes so far in life.

Time to grow up. Andi remains wholly unqualified and out of her league when it comes to running a small city with real issues to address. Fixing sidewalks, cleaning up the parks and limiting terms for politicians does nothing to address the real issues staring us in the face.

Only Gallo came out when the rest were talking about frivolous issues and made it clear what this campaign had to focus on.

Has anyone noticed that since that time, the real issues have come to the front of the debate.

Shayne stepped up, led the discussion to where it needs to be, and everyone else has now followed.

Anonymous said...

The democrats could not have a better situation i.e.Turco -Levin as mayoral candidate and Sinagra as chair.Her positions are fluff and of no substance.Repairing sidewalks and cleaning the parks are a given, not the issues of a city at best holding its own and at worst in decline.As for Sinagra nothing needs be said.Once again the Republican party has failed in its responsibility to offer credible mayoral candidates;the Democratic party has not.

Anonymous said...

The Dems have failed. They gave us Hayes Clement. He has only been in a Kingston for a few years and does not have a clue about the City of Kingston.

Both parties failed us.

The 2 best candidates are Rich Cahill and Shayne Gallo. There is no question about it.

Anonymous said...

1:53, once you couple anyone with Dick Cahill as the best candidates, you have lost all credibility. He is the worst kind of candidate. He is selfish, he uses people and he has no idea how much people despise him.

Anonymous said...

Gallo vs. Cahill would be a good race. I'd like to hear them debate the issues...would be a high-class conversation; I think the city would benefit with either of them at the helm.

Anonymous said...

2 lawyers going at it? Yawn....
Give a win to cahill but I wouldn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the 'boys' miss the point. Andi has outlined multiple ways to end the corruption and old party politics in City Hall. She has outlined ways to show accountability including the reinstatement of a Board of Ethics panel as outlined in the City's Charter (currently being ignored).
She also realizes that poor leadership and lack of oversight is the reason for many of our problems. Anyone can create a task force to chase criminals and gangs, it takes a lot more to create a solution to the issues which cause the problem in first place.....and it all starts at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

5:19: Can I get a big Amen? AMEN!
You took the words right out of my mouth.
and to poster 6:14: Most important to note is that the democratic leadership has failed this city miserably. Can anyone of you say your lives are better since the democrats have been in controlled? How are your taxes? How is your quality of life? Like the housing assessments? Happy with how DPW is working? Are the streets decent to drive on? Like how the riff raff has taken over the city? How about an exodus of the middle class from this city?
I for one would like to see the Board of Ethics reinstated. If it had been in place all along we might not be facing certain current issues affecting (infecting) this city.
Somebody is willing raise the discussion of how this city needs changes, willing to run for office and that individual is mocked and demeaned.(she's hot and what she is wearing?)

But if you answer yes to my questions then go ahead and vote the democratic line. You obviously do not have high expectations of life in this city.

Anonymous said...

Dick Cahill is not running. His son, Rich, is running.

Anonymous said...

5:19and 11:21 you are simply proving 6:14 to be correct.Create yet another board effective at nothing.You observe problems and offer no specific solutions.If you believe the problems you observe stem from city hall you are not aware of the magnitude and far reaching effects of the societal and economic difficulties of the nation. Clement,Gallo,Cahill have the educational and professional backround to discern and offer specific solutions to problems they are capable of solving.Time in office, time in Kingston, not important.Education,professional occupation and their application to govern -important.Today society requires those who have pursued knowledge and integrity to discern and to solve,to govern.In a time of crisis amateur hour is over.

Anonymous said...

6:14 and 10:59 are right on target.5:19 and 11:21 took the bait and made observations and generalities that could be made from anywhere in the U.S.about any and all places in the U.S.