Sunday, July 17, 2011

Immaculate Conception Bazaar

Father John has a way of bringing everyone together. Democrat Shayne Gallo and two of his Republican opponents (Jean Jacobs and Rich Cahill) at the Immaculate Conception Bazaar.


NOT a Fan of the GnastyGnome said...

Shayne is the only sane & electable one out of the three!!!
Cahill looks like a gnome on meth, act like it too,

Jean is just certifiable,,

,,,& someone had the chutzpah to criticise Andi Turco Levin for how she dressed ?
These jokes couldnt carry her garment bag,,,

Anonymous said...

Certifiable? The problem here is everyone is afraid of what Jean Jacobs could accomplish on day one. She's not crazy so I would not paint her as such. She knows the ins and outs of how to run a business and trust me, heads will roll if she takes charge.
as for Turco-Levin, she should have been on the "Good Ship Lollipop" the way she was dressed.

Anonymous said...

The poster at 9:20 is out of line.

Is that the best you can do? You can't debate Rich Cahill on any issue so you attack his height? You say he is not a handsome man?

Really? Really??

You are the joke.

Anonymous said...

Please notice that Rich Cahill has lipstick all over his face. The ladies love him.

Anonymous said...

I think Andi turco-Levin is hot, and I also think she is a good representative of the people. Havent made up my mind if I will vote for Gallo or Turco Levin should these two win their primaries.

Anonymous said...

Cahill looks like he has seen better days, oh wait, he has!

Anonymous said...

to 7:27
Great! You think Levin is hot! Just what Kingston needs, a "hot" mayor. Streets & sewers falling apart, businesses moved out, taxes skyrocketing, debt rising, not to mention crime & gangs, but hey she"s hot and after all, and she's got the handle on the cigarette smoking in the park. After all, what else really matters? Luckily she believes in term limits so if she's elected, at least there will be hope she'll be gone after a few terms.
So 7:27, still think s

Anonymous said...

What a scarey picture. What if either of those 2 were elected?