Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Great Leaders

It was good to see Mr. Cantor in Kingston, here he is with Ulster Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and future District Attorney Jonathan Sennett.

Note: Please check back  Thursday afternoon for more updates. Going to do a story on some county legislature races. My early endorsements for some of the primaries in Ulster County. As well as my first County Legislator endorsement and I'll give you a hint, it's an incumbent Republican that is facing a primary (and no it's not Terry Bernardo, that's a given).Check back and see later today!!!


yr friend,, said...

i admire your loyalty, JB,

BUT, the WFP has been proven to be a union-laden money-grubbing party of crooks & thugs !!!

I cant unnerstand why an intelligebt man like yourself gets sucked into their grip ??

Indictments would have rolled in last election cycle but no one has the chutzpah to go after them or the Unions.

They suck the lifeblood from our working society, bro,, their usefullness is over,,,

Shame on Elliott to stand with Jonathan & that other thug,

You deserve better role models, Son.

Anonymous said...

Please describe exactly what these great leaders have led?
I dont know too much about any of them, but would like some insight.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

As a Republican woman, I can say they all are wearing nice ties. But I am still voting row B all the way! Sorry Blabes nice try.

Anonymous said...

Elliot needs to audit the wattage output on that tie! Wow, that's a power tie.

Anonymous said...

So nothing great to list for 11:06?

Anonymous said...

from left to right larry,shemp&moe

Jeremy Blaber said...

934: It's a set up question of course I could sit down and write up an entire list of all of the leadership qualities and acomplishments of these well accomplished men but what do I have to prove?

Dan Cantor has taking on the party establishment and won time and time again and helped people and given a voice for the working class, he also discoved Barack Obama. Elliott Auerbach is the first county comptroller, he has served as a watchdog for our county and saved the county tens of thousands of dollars, Jon Sennett led a staff as a former Bronx County Prosecutor and has helped a lot of people in this community.

When people complain whether or not this is important or news worthy, it is to me and it's my website. Jon Sennett has helped me in ways I can even begin to tell people, he is a great loyal friend, a family man and I would be lucky if I grow up to be half the man he is. Elliott Auerbach is also one of my close friends and I am proud to say that and Dan Cantor gave me a job doing what I love, these people are important to me and that's what matters..get a life, if you don't like it dont read the blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow a little worked up today huh?
I have a life, just asked for some details to make an educated assessment, as I had no intel on two of the three gentlemen.
It was a loaded question, it was a question based on the title, "Three great leaders"
Only wanted to know what each of them have done to earn such praise.
What you have confirmed for us is besides Auerbach, who saved money for the county(which is a good thing), the other two are your friends that you believe are good men in thier respected fields (which is fine too), however, it doesnt quite earn the label "Great Leader".
I thought there was more to this story since it had such a strong title.
I was mistaken, sorry to get your feathers in a ruffle.
You may consider a vacation, for such a young man, you seemed stressed!

Jeremy Blaber said...

No you are not mistaken, I'm sorry sir, if it was a legitimate question than I appoligize and will take the time later to try and answer it in more detail. It's Friday and I am in a bit of a rush to leave and enjoy the evening.

Also the comment was not really directed at you but more the ten comments (all the same person) that go after whether or not it was worth me posting at all and question if it is "news worthy." I think you will find them all to be leaders in their respected fields.