Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gallo Calls for Task Force To Improve Quality of Life

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Anonymous said...

Way behind on this bit of news. Blogs and Freeman's blog already discussing and not always to Gallo's benefit.

Anonymous said...

There will always be people that have differences of opinion but Hayes' comments sucked.

He e-mailed a quote saying Shayne should have done this as corp counsel?

Are you kidding me?

An old saying: it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt ..

Enter Hayes.

Where has this cat been? One, he is THE Alderman (an actual policy maker), he registered to vote in Kingston in Nov. 08 and was elected 09 of the following year.

So I understand that he does not get what the role of Mayor and corp counsel and the differences in responsibility. I don't expect him to know, he is too inexperinced.

However, don't open your mouth and attack Shayne Gallo or any candidate for offering a real plan and than try and take credit for it, saying you're both on the same page. BULLSHIT.

Fact of the matter is Shayne Gallo has offered and recomended issues that effect quality of life, such as the nuisnese abaitment law, or the graffiti law, all these laws Shayne recomended BEFORE HAYES WAS EVEN A KINGSTON RESIDENT.

I'll leave you with this: What in two years has Hayes done as an actual policy maker to help Kingston.

He inflates his resume, has moved around all over the place and can't keep a job.

He signed a pledge that he wouldn't raise our taxes (I pay 9,000 a year, residential) and voted to increase them 3 percent and 5 percent for buisness.

I will pay my taxes but don't say one thing and do another.Bottom line, I just can't trust Hayes Clement and in September I'm voting Gallo.

Anonymous said...

Gallo will be the next mayor....no doubt about!

Anonymous said...

One look at the negative comments posted elsewhere and it is clear they are from the same handful of people who in the past have stated such brilliant comments as Andi Levin should be Mayor because she is hot, Hayes shouldn't be Mayor because of his sexual persuasion or Shayne shouldn't be Mayor because of something that TR did.

The negativity also focused on why hasn't this been done before, or why is Shayne just suggesting this now. Almost not a word of criticism on the actual proposal.

Just can't recognize that after months of talking about useless and trivial issues such as sidewalks, smokings bans and term limits, one candidate has taken the dialogue to where it needs to be.

Lets stop using catch phrases like quality of life and shared services without an understanding of the nature of the service s that need to be shared and the qualities that we want in our lives.

How about our elected officials stop with memorializing resolutions and start showing some resolve to act in those areas where they are authorized and need to act.

By the way, still waiting for any suggestion of substance from Hayes. We don't need a marketing executive to convince people that this is a community where they should invest the money they earned somewhere else and then take the money they earn here and spend it somewhere else.

We need someone with vision who can help create a climate where our neighbors can run thriving businesses here, earn their income here and then spend that money in their neighbor's business across the street. That's how the tax base is stimulated, that's how we generate money to improve this community.

Shayne understands that the first step is to create a safe climate on our streets so our citizens feel safe walking to a local store to shop. Clean up midtown, allow the residents to leave their homes with their heads held high and cash to spend in their pockets, and the businesses will start to grow.

Everything flows from there.

Anonymous said...

We now have a task force for cats, for quality of life, for crime...what the hell is the council doing? Aren't they the "task force" that is the one we PAY to solve all these problems. Starting a task force is no solution at all, it is more voices and more arguing about a problem that that really needs someone to make a decision and act. We need someone who is going to make a decision and start enforcing the quality of life laws that are already on the books. The council loves passing them, but there is no enforcement and they don't seem to care. Hayes, as a member of this common council is a big part of the problem. Do your job and stop forming committees every time a group complains about something.