Saturday, July 28, 2007

Andy " Mr. Ethics" Cuomo

Not much to say that you have not heard already regarding Cuomo's report about two of Spitzer's top aids targeting Bruno. While I'm no Bruno supporter, I applaud our Attorney General for putting politics aside and handling this in a fair manner. This really shows the kind of leader Andrew is and the level of integrity that he runs the AG's office with.


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Talk about an unqualified AG has this guy ever been in a court room - talk about a daddy's boy!Ms Piro forgot more then this DOPE ever knew!

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Governor Spitzer and his team have managed to accomplish in a short 7 months what Pataki was unable to do in twelve long years. He has managed to make corrupt, unethical, iron-fisted Senate Leader Joe Bruno a sympathetic figure for the NYS Republicans. What a huge blunder!

Have you noticed how quickly New Yorkers have been to doubt Spitzers honesty about this incident? This suggests that Spitzer needs to do some remedial trust building work within his Democratic base, and beyond.

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We're grateful to ANYone whose britches are big enough to take some steam out of this steamroll of a Governor.

Little did we think he would steamroller over all of US. The arrogance of the man!

Bruno should enjoy his 5 minutes of victimhood though. The facts will catch up to that part of the story shortly.

Spitzer must learn to LISTEN to voters, citizens and their communities, not just the ultra-rich developers and lobbyists he hangs out with.

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Most of the politicians in NY are corrupt, may they be Democrat or Republican. I truly believe that Spitzer is either not corrupt, or at the least, not in the inner-circle of the NY Corruption Club, to which Bruno and Silver are Co-Chairs and AG Cuomo is on the Board, taking his Father's old seat.

So what you see here is Bruno, Cuomo, and Co. working hard to protect their little Empire State of Corruption.

Give Eliot time. He may be able to beat them. Right now, it doesn't look very good.

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I was astounded that Spitzer did what he did... Outrageous. Is his first name Adolph. The Acting Supt of NY State Police should also be fored to resign. If he doesn't know right from wrong at his level then he has NO business being the Supt of State Police which is one of the most prestigious police departments in the world. They are world renound for their honesty and integrity. Time for him to go too.

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If his report was so comprehensive then why do we need the Albany D.A. looking into it. Cuomo said there was no criminal activity...isn't he supposed to know? Bottom line is that Cuomo did what was best for Spitzer, he had no intention of getting to the truth...there is no way he could of finished that inveistigation in two weeks and done it the right way. The report is useless and the Albany DA saw that. Trouble ahead for team Spitzer because this is not going away...big trouble. Grand Juries spell the end of careers. Huge blunder.

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This is Gene Simmons of KISS
The only one that can party with me between NYC and Canada is Clint Brown

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Another Spitzer aide in trouble.

One of Gov. Eliot Spitzer's top advisers has resigned under pressure after allegedly threatening a Republican on the Public Service Commission.

Virtually since the day he took office, Spitzer has been criticized for his use of intimidation to achieve his goals. There are a slew of investigations going on into his aides' efforts to dig up dirt on his political nemesis, Senate Leader Joe Bruno.

Well, his administration is just 8 months old, but Spitzer on Friday purged another top-level aide who was under investigation.

This time it was Steven Mitnick, his energy advisor. --

see the full story here: