Monday, July 09, 2007

Blaber's News makes endorsements for Mayor and Council races

Mayor - James M. Sottile- Honesty, Compassion, and Integrity. Those three words say it all, they have been the model of how Mayor Sottile has lead this great city. Mayor Sottile has addressed the every day concerns of Kingstonians that previous administration have chosen to ignore including our aging sewer system and the environmental concerns of our once industrious past including cleaning up junk yards along the Rondout Creek waterfront. Economic Development has increased with a new tenant in the business park that is expected early next year, the company, Armor Dynamics, will create 560 factory jobs when at full capacity. Also the Kirkland Hotel Renovation project is coming along nicely. The city is booming, financially under Sottile with an increased bond rating, showing that city is on the right track financially and allows the city to borrow money at a lower interest rate, which in the long run lowers taxes. Speaking of lowering taxes, the Mayor's 2007 budget brought forth it's lowest increase under his tenure in office, with a mere two percent increase, much lower then the projected cost of living. It is for these reasons I'm proud to support Mayor Sottile for another four years as our city's chief executive.

Alderman-at-Large- James Noble - Alderman-at- Large Noble is what every public servant should strive to be, he does what is best for the people not his political party. Mr. Noble serves as the council president and plays a very important role in Kingston politics. President Noble has made his ofice apolitical, if I did not know who Noble was, I would not be able to tell you what party he belonged to. He runs the council with the utmost integrity and it's honor to support him for another term as council president.

Ward 1- NONE write in-- Dan Gartenstien..... (Just kidding, Dan) as much as I want Mr.Gartenstien to run he has made his position very clear. Maybe someday we'll get him in there. The guy would be an asset in any public service type capacity.

Ward 2- Jennifer Ringwood umm...Mrs. Ringwood is running against a nut, need I say more? In all seriousness Mrs. Ringwood has been extremely proactive for the residents of Ward 2 and has tackled numerous quality of life concerns.

Ward 3- NONE

Ward 4- Shirley Whitlock- Mrs.Whitlock has made a commitment to the fourth ward and has vowed to do the best thing for the people and not grandstand like her opponent. Mrs. Whitlock was born and rasied in Kingston and is a reverend at a local church in the fourth ward.

Ward 5- Anne Marie DiBella - Kingston's rising star, I can't say enough good things about Alderman DiBella. Her commitment to the community and the residents of the fifth ward is to be applauded.

Ward 6- Robert Gillon - I had the privilege of serving on the cable commission with Mr.Gillon, he is someone who cares about Kingston and will do what is in the best interest of his constituents.

Ward 7- Bill Reynolds - Alderman Reynolds should be Senator Reynolds, the people of Kingston, in particular the 7th ward, are lucky to have someone of Alderman Reynolds' stature on the council.

Ward 8- Robert Senor- Alderman Senor has been a breath of fresh air since he won his seat back 2 short years ago. Just call him bipartisan Bob.

Ward 9- Mike Madsen - Kingston's hardest working Alderman. It's not unusual to see Alderman Madsen out changing municipal trash cans or picking up garbage on the city streets, he does this because he wants to make Kingston the best city it can possibly be.


Anonymous said...

You forgot City Court Judge and Legislators

Anonymous said...

I could just gag!

Anonymous said...

What a shock!! You endorsed every Democrat except Charlie Landi, a guy who you are politically feuding with. You couldn't even endorse Al Teetsel who is unopposed?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, honestly, why do you bother? You are a Democratic committeeman, why the pretense that you are any other than a party shill? I could have predicted these endorsements if I was in a coma. My only question, how did Charlie Landi "backstab" you? And, please tell Jim to get back to the gym or start wearing darker colors.

JoeyB said...

The Kirkland? Isn't that going to be nothing more than a halfway house? Just what Kingston needs, right Jeremy?

Anonymous said...

I still contend that they were seperated at birth

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a bumper sticker that you can obtain which has all of your endorsements on it? Better yet, do you have any open space left on your car for one?

Jeremy Blaber said...

I'm proudly supporting James P.Gilpatric for city Judge.

The following I'm supporting for county legislator in Kingston :

David Donaldson, Peter Lourghan, Frank Dart, and Jeanette Provanzano

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Anonymous said...

DiBella a rising star? She denied citizens their Constitutional Right to petition their government. She tried to force us all to bag leaves, at our cost in bags and labor. She berates citizens who disagree with her or the current Administration. She rubber stamps the Mayor's wishes like a dutiful wife. Her constitutients in MidTown haven't seen or heard from her.

Rising star. I hope not. Her view of the world is so lily white and priveleged, elitist is a more apt description.

If she doesn't get her temper under control, she may best the Mayor when it comes to inappropriate behavior.

Anonymous said...

I am Clint Brown's Love Child