Friday, July 13, 2007

Sottile/Noble Boat Ride Photo Blog Part 1

Blaber with Judge James P. Gilpatric
Blaber with Mayor James Sottile
Alderman Reynolds with Blaber
Mayor Sottile addresses the crowd
6th Ward Aldermadic Candidate Bob Gillon with Alderman Madsen

County Legislators Frank Dart; David Donaldson, Peter Lougrhan, and Brian Cahill
How did this get in here? Blaber and Bradley share a moment
Bob Gillon and his wife.

Part 2 tomorrow


Anonymous said...

a bunch of drunken boobs

Anonymous said...

calm down now Mr. "drunken boobs".

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those pictured are regretting being publicly linked to the Mayor's outrageous display.

A Democratic fundraiser - a drinking fest. What does this say about the workings of this political party?

From what I hear, many in the bunch dissed Sennett in "playground" style. How comforting to know our elected officials revert to childish, ridiculous behavior.

Ther are many voters, who are loyal Democracts, who are embarrassed by this behavior. (The excessive drinking and the mean-spirited behavior toward Sennett, who was endorsed by the Party and the innappropriate support of Bradley)

Mayor Sottile's tirade has won the Party alot of scrutiny, raised alot of questions and have many considering changing political affilation. Good work, Mr. Mayor. You have smeared the Party.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the Mayor is given credit for smearing the party. That takes some of the weight off of the Freeman for falsely reporting stories and smearing Democratic candidates.