Friday, July 20, 2007

Saturday, 11AM at Kingston City Hall the W-P vote will take place...All are welcome!

The following is a picture of Jon after he won the convention and was chosen to be our party's nominee, I think this is a fitting picture going into tomorrows vote.

The Wilson Pakula vote will take place tomorrow, 11am at Kingston City Hall, I encourage all committee people to attend, it's an open meeting so members of the public may also attend. Obviously, I hope that you will vote NO and not allow this non-Democrat the right to run on our line when we have a very qualified, highly electable candidate in Jonathan R. Sennett. The following is a letter from Mr. Sennett to the town chairs..I encourage everyone to read it and the other posts regarding the D.A. race. Please take all this into consideration tomorrow.

Dear Town Chairs:

Tomorrow at 11 a.m. at City Hall in Kingston, located at 420 Broadway,
committee members of the Ulster County Democratic Party will gather to
vote on a waiver to allow a non-enrolled candidate primary against me--the
currently endorsed Democratic candidate for Ulster County District

At issue is a key question: Should we allow a candidate to force a
primary against a candidate already endorsed by the Democratic Party? The
non-enrolled candidate was given full access to participate in
candidate forums and the June 4th convention. He lost in an uncontested event.

A primary can be a very costly undertaking, which in this case may not
be necessary. The non-enrolled candidate has stated his intent to run
against the Democratic Party candidate, on both the Conservative Party and
Independence Party lines, if you reject his request for a primary.

The vote on Saturday focuses on a section of the New York State
Election Law known as a Wilson-Pakula Waiver. The intent of this waiver is to permit
a party to select its own candidates and protect the principles and
integrity of the party. It also permits a party to run a candidate for office
when it has no enrolled member of its own. As an enrolled member of the party,
I proudly accepted the Democratic nomination on June 4.

The election process for Ulster County District Attorney is in essence
a protracted job interview: First with committee members and then with
voters. You are reviewing my skills and talents for a job that requires careful
examination of the law and responses leading to equal delivery of
justice for all in Ulster County. The district attorney will link the law
enforcement community with schools, churches and essential support

The Wilson-Pakula Waiver vote goes beyond selecting a candidate for
this particular race. Some have argued it circumvents the well-established
candidate selection process. This decision could impact the party with
legal and financial implications for years to come. We run the risk of having
the county committee‚s decision second-guessed in favor of someone not a
member of the party.

As the candidate fortunate enough to receive your endorsement at the
original convention, I merely ask that you carefully weigh this
decision, vote your conscience and act in the best present and future interest of
the Democratic Party and the people of Ulster County.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jonathan R. Sennett
District Attorney Candidate


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that a deal is in the works to change the name of Kingston's City Hall during the vote today. Sources say the following names are being considered by the party chair:

1.) High Noon Saloon

2.) Jimmy's Bar and Grille

3.) Boiceville Inn East (The party never stops!)

4.) The Haymaker Hotel (This name is certain to be a hit!)

5.) 12 Angry Men (Free 12-step program!)

6.) Midtown Martini and More

7.) Monte's Place (Famous for hearing the phrase let's make a deal!)

8.) The Black Eye Pub

9.) Sottile's Speakeasy

10.) Three Men and a Baby (Sottile, Spada, Parete and Bradley)

BMT99 said...

Jeremy, You are clearly a fraud. You only show posts for you boy. In fact you probably copy or show others the post so they can counter them up front, I sent in a top ten which you or your buddy copied and did not sho mine. What a fraud.

Anonymous said...


Clint Brown would NOT be happy with