Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gilpatric for City Judge

Blaber New's is proud to endorse James P. Gilpatric for Kingston City Judge, his leadership and 14+ years experience make him the most qualified to lead the Kingston Court. Judge Gilpatric brings compassion to the courtroom, his establishment of a Domestic Violence Court has been very effective for victims effected by this unfortunate and ever growing reality, that makes up 25% of city court cases. Judge Gilpatric knows the ins and outs of Kingston City Court and has shown that he is an effective and fair judge. I encourage all people to join with me to vote for Judge Gilpatric this November.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, with you on this one 100%. Jim is the best, fair and effective, and just a real great human being. .......Smitty

Anonymous said...

Has Clint Brown endorsed the Judge?