Monday, July 02, 2007

Victory : Parete's attempt to stack the deck fails

About 100 Dem's squeezed into the tight space at Democratic headquarters on Fair St. to find out if a Wilson Pakula would be issued for Vincent Bradley Jr., a nop, seeking permission to primary on the Democratic line. To say that the two and a half hour debate was "heated" would be an understatement. It was a very heated debate, that got down right nasty at times. County Chairman John Parete and his crew could not understand why people would be upset with him for appointing 19 new people to the exec committee 48 hours before a vote. The experience was one I will never forget, a real eye-opener to say the least.

In the end, however, justice prevailed, (no pun intended). A motion was made to have the full Dem committee vote on the matter later next month. What a surprise, the Bradley supporters were against the full committee vote, the same people that for 2 1/2 hours whined about how everyone should be included. If there is any doubt that the committee was stacked look at the Parete Appointment list, two posts down. The final vote was 26 in favor and 20 against the full committee voting. 17 of the nay votes came from the new appointees. 17!!!!! The other two abstained. Which means only 2 people on the regular executive committee voted against the measure, and not one person out of the 19 newly appointed voted for it. the One person I will give credit to is Joe O'Connor, even though he is clearly a Bradley supporter, he gave fair legal advice and abstained from voting on the matter. Mr. O' Connor showed himself to be a stand-up guy.

To be fair, I'm against the authorization of the Wilson Pekula. I think that I have made that very clear. I also think that the (original) executive board had the right to vote on the matter and decide if Bradley can run. However, being that it's clearly transparent that Parete stacked the deck to try and insure Bradley can make it, at this point having the full county committee vote is the only way to settle this matter, once and for all. If Bradley prevails fine, he'll be allowed to run. While I disagree, at least the vote will be a fair one.


Anonymous said...

Parete is an embarrassment to the Democratic party. He should resign from both of his posts--one as the Democratic Chairman and the other as Democratic Election's commissioner. Why not start today?

If he felt the need to add committee people he should have said their participation would not start until after this issue has blown over. To try to allow the new appointees to vote is a clear ethical and moral violation of democratic ideals.

What kind of Democratic "leader" would want his party to go to court over allowing a non-enrolled candidate to primary? A candidate who has received the Conservative Party nomination. It is crazy.

Bradley is not a Democrat. The entire committee has already voted. They voted for Sennett. The Bradley campaign is a sham to elect a guy based on the record of his father. (See the Bush administration to determine how that could play out.)

Democrats--including Sottile and Provenzano--should be ashamed of themselves for trying to promote a "family" over the true qualifications of a candidate who already won the party nomination.

Bradley came late to the meeting on Sunday and sat in the furthest corner in the room...proving once again that he is NOT a leader, but a loser.

A district attorney needs to be someone of high ethical standards who brings people together. Bradley threatened a candidate and sat back and watched as false rumors HE started smeared two Democratic candidates.

He needs to do the honorable thing and not ask the entire Democratic Committee to vote AGAIN. He lost the last time and he will lose again.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the next vote will be a fair vote? Look at all the manipulation of the rules up to now!

Can we expect more rule changes to tilt the vote in Bradley's direction?

Anonymous said...

It seems that you are comfortable with the vote going to the full committee, if so, why do you oppose allowing all democrats to decide. That is the only process that truly let's the people determine who runs in November. If Sennett lost the convention, would you Zimet, Rodriguez, etc still be opposition to a primary? I think not. That is complete hypocrisy! The fact is simple, Sennett does no like his chances in a primary with Bradley.

Anonymous said...

OK You Got it. Gotham City

Anonymous said...

At least Sennett and Schribman are Democrats. Bradley is 39 years old. He would have been eligible to register to vote at the age of 18. That means he's had 21 years to regster as a Democrat and has choosen NOT to. He finally decides to run for DA after Donn Williams leaves.

The insiders want Bradley so bad because they realize that either Julian or Jonathan is a threat to their power----money. Who knows what either man might uncover in investigating matters? They did the same thing with Nina Postapack. Control the records and control the investigations and these people continue to control things from behind the scenes. And that means Spada is that man behind the curtain trying to make sure Bradley gets in.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy, It doesn't take long for the conspiracy theorists to crawl out from under the rocks. UNBELIEVABLE!

I only see two losers in all of this. The Democratic Party and Mr. Schriebman. Both have lost dignity and self esteem. It is obvious that this matter needs to be decided at the polls and not by a few political bosses. There is too much polarization for anything fair to be decided by the committee.

And the exe. comm. meeting is over. It's time for Schriebman to reveal the contents of his letter to the Dem. exec. committee as was reported he would do in the 6/29 Freeman. I'm waiting.........

Jeremy Blaber said...

To the person that sent me a letter and asked me not to publish it:

I certainly am a Sennett supporter, however, the facts are still the facts.

Julie McQuain said...

In a message dated 6/30/2007 8:01:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, SFraser0326 (Stuart Fraser) writes:

Standing Committees and Chairs: Legal: Joe O’Connor
Finance: Eli Basch
Candidates: Bonnie Landi
Issues: Vince Fisher
Voter Registration: Kathy Mihm
Program: Charles Landi
UCD Women’s Club: Julie McQuain

Dear Jeremy,
Although I was not informed in advance, my name appeared on this list of last-minute appointments made by the Chairman in a naked, and unsuccessful, attempt to affect the Wilson Pakula vote yesterday.

It's important to clarify that the officers of the Ulster County Democratic Women's Club, known in the modern era as Ulster County Democratic Women, UCDW or simply DEM Women, are duly elected by the members at our annual meeting per our bylaws, not appointed by anyone. The UCDW president is a member of the Ulster County Democratic Committee's Executive Committee, separate and apart from the standing committees OR the special committees, by authority of the county Democratic bylaws. (see below)

As UCDW president I have participated as a voting member of the UCDC EC since August of 2005.
Yesterday I argued, AND VOTED in favor of sending this matter to the full committee. Please correct your very interesting posts.
Warm regards,
Julie McQuain, Presedent
Ulster County Democratic Women
(visit us at

Section 1. Composition. (a) There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the officers of the County Committee, as provided for in Article II hereof (who shall be the respective officers of the Executive Committee); the State Committeeman and Committeewoman duly elected in each Assembly District of the County; the Chairman of each City and Town Committee or their designee; the Legislative District Representatives; the Chairperson of each Standing and Special Committee; and the President of the Ulster County Democratic Women’s Club.

Anonymous said...

There is a wide-spread rumor going around Mr. Blaber, that you're going to challenge Mr.Parete for his chairmanship. Any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy may be interested, but the real challenge will come from either the UCDW or New Paltz, just like everything else anti-John Parete does.

Anonymous said...

"...the real challenge will come from either the UCDW or New Paltz..."

...or Saugerties, or Woodstock, or Rosendale, or Plattekill, or Rochester, or Wawarsing, or Shandaken, or Esopus.... hmmm... anyone seeing a pattern here?

Even good ole Kingston for that matter. Bob Golnick's ridiculous "take my ball and go home...waah waah waah..." resolution supporting Bradley, only passed in the Kingston Committee by a 14 to 10 vote.

The fact is, Parete's credibility is zero, no matter where you come from.

We've seen the lies, cheating, deception, and dirty tricks on the other side for years. Apparently John wants to be Pete, because he is now doing the same thing.

Then he hangs his new appointees out to least Pete would have stuck to his guns and voted along with his cronies.

(Honor among thieves, Parete can't even muster up the courage for that dubious attribute. What a coward.)

sheila isenberg said...

Your clear reporting on the recent meeting of the executive committee of the county Democratic Party is much appreciated! Thank you and continue to blog about the fascinatingly macchiavellian machinations of the people at the top of this organization. I requested appointment to one of the open committees a year ago. I did not receive an answer.

Oh-My-God said...

What a mess: First off, I am a Bradley supporter. I wish people would: be honest and say they hate John Parete, who by the way brought about the biggest Dem victory in ulster county, was instrumental in getting Paul Van Blarcum elected, and has been the best Dem chair this county has ever seen. Say you support John Sennet or Julian Schribeman and not say you are just trying to be fair and play by the rule book, stop saying that Vince Bradley would be a bad DA when you just have a vendetta for John Parete, stop saying that John stacked the deck when the anti john people wanted to have the executive committee meeting while John was away on County business, and please stop using the excuse that you have 2 Dems already.

Vince worked in the Democratic NYC DA's office and was asked to be non enrolled so as not to give any appearance of political motive. Vince and his family have been dems with Dem values all their lives here in ulster county. So stop bullshitting, and have the balls to allow a primary and let all the Dems of ulster county decide, not Parete, or Zimet, or Schacter, or Blaber, or any small group. As the party of inclusion, you are all full of shit.

It is people like those who hide behind BS excuses that will destroy and divide this party. It is people like that who will elect a Republican DA and will turn the UC legislature over to the republicans in 2 elections if not sooner.

Jeremy Blaber said...
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Jeremy Blaber said...

To answer the rumor going around about me challenging John Parete for his chairmanship, I have no intention of doing so. This has never been about Parete v. myself. For me it has always been about Parete doing the right thing and supporting Jonathan Sennett for D.A. If Parete does the right thing and supports our party's candidate then there is no reason why he would not get my vote for another term. All and all, he has done well for the party. It's just his cult like support for Bradley that gets me.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, what are you talking about? Mr. Parete's Cult like support for Mr. Bradley. What are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

"It's just his cult like support for Bradley that gets me." Jeremy, what are you smoking?

BMT99 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy Blaber said...

absolutely not, I publish all comments. However, I rejected some of your redundant comments.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jeremy that the tunnelvision approach by Parete and pro Bradley supporters are not looking at the long term impact to the party.

Vince has so many neighbors and friends of the family that Justice cannot be served without running into someone he owes a favor.

Bradley is a hypocrite...calling out others for unethical behavior when he is the biggest offender.

New Paltz, Saugerties, Woodstock and Rosendale feel that Bradley is a weak candidate. Take off the blinders and see his campaign for what it is...a powerplay with a lackluster candidate.

Anonymous said...

Look at the reality. The Saugerties, Woodstock, Rosendale, Esopus and New Paltz committees think Bradley is weak and that he's a horrible candidate. All he talks about is his father or Robert Morgenthau.....if a DA asked Bradley to enroll as a non-enrolled that's an offense right there and there should be charges against him immediately. No one can tell you how to enroll.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Look at the reality. The Saugerties, Woodstock, Rosendale, Esopus and New Paltz committees think Bradley is weak

And that adds up to what, 2 or 3 times Kingston's population? Saugerties alone almost equals Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Are you listening to yourselves? This is one dem who is thoroughly embarrassed.

Primaries were invented to select a party candidate-not the conventions. This has become a contest between communities instead of candidates. This garbage stinks and with the heat of summer it can only get worse.

You cannot advance to Go without rolling the dice. We need a three candidate primary.

Anonymous said...

If Bradley is so weak then the result of the primary should not be a concern?????? Why does anybody care what Blaber thinks or any of these local political dopes who dont even have jobs WHATS UP WITH THAT? Maybe that why this area is falling apart anybody who has a clue is busy F....kin working-Join the real world maybe your views on issues will change

Anonymous said...

The Sennett and Bradley supporters are computer savvy. We get the point. Next issue please.

Anonymous said...

Well of course it's about Parete you idiots! It's about him and his cronies trying to shove another lacklustre non-Democrat down the throat of the rank and file. It's about his despicable tactics to try to get whatever he wants.

It's about his total lack of leadership, his inverted moral compass, and his willingness to sell out whoever he needs to, in order to get his way. Look at the way he sold out all his new appointees.

It has little to do with Vince and almost everything to do with Parete.

Arguing that Parete won us the majority in the legislature is like arguing that Reagan ended the Cold War. It just happened on his watch, it was coming anyway.

As far as Mr. Van Blarcum, he was running against an obnoxious, pathetic, misogynistic, homophobic drunk. And besides, Paul was favored by everyone in the Democratic Party. Not the same scenario.

A more apt comparison is the way Parete and his cronies tried to force Beisel on us and was soundly defeated by the rank and file.

Parete knows his days are numbered, thats why he's spending all his political capital on this last hurrah...all to no avail.

That's why he's trying to primary incumbent Democratic Legislators (his protests to the contrary are just more Parete lies), because he wants to make sure he has enough supporters there to return him to his cushy, conflict of interest job as Elections Commissioner (which will no longer be a conflict when he's booted out on his rear as Chair of the County Committee).

And that's why he influences the Independence Party by placing relatives on the Indy State Committee and sucking up to Werner. He has already used that influence to deny the Indy endorsement to deserving Dems.

This man has done more to divide the party than anyone in recent memory. Good riddance...

Anonymous said...

... And that's why he influences the Independence Party by placing relatives on the Indy State Committee and sucking up to Werner. He has already used that influence to deny the Indy endorsement to deserving Dems.

Interested in knowing more about this comment. Concerned about possible collusion among UC political party Chairs. Disturbing. It seems intended to control our choices.

Anonymous said...


How can we tell if Schreibman is a good ADA? He was appointed to the jail oversight committee, but supposedly he was on the inside track of this thing for the last two years.

The Freeman reported he just lost a big case. Is he really a strong candidate or a wanna-be?

Anonymous said...

re: sheila isenberg said...
We should all be happy she is not on any committees. If some of the others were never called back that would have been good too. Too many wackos on committees that have no clue.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to run for elected office as a Democrat in UC? the party gives endorsed candidates the cold shoulder and wastes the time of 250 committee members. if big wigs choose the candidates why hold a nominating convention?

Anonymous said...

As Yogi once said "It's not over till its over".

My apologies to you baseball fans for associating the great game of baseball with the dirty game of politics in Ulster County

Anonymous said...

I don't think the great philosopher Mr. Berra ever said, "I wanna play extra innings even though you already won."

Anonymous said...

oh-my-god said "..."when the anti john people wanted to have the executive committee meeting while John was away on County business, and..." Hello? The Executive Committee meetings are regularly scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of the month. Usually when the president or chair of a committee cannot attend a meeting, the vice president or chair runs the meeting. Why didn't that happen?

Anonymous said...

Parete led the meeting because he thought that by trying to stack the deck he could control the outcome. Instead he further divided the party. Sottile, Provenzano, Cahill and Hinchey should be ashamed to call themselves Democrats.