Monday, July 09, 2007

UPDATED: Schriebman Drops out of D.A. Race

BREAKING NEWS: Julian Schreibman has dropped out of the D.A. race, at a press conference in front of the Ulster County court house he cited reasons that include a divided party and it's preferential treatment toward a specific candidate. Referring to the 19 appointees that where appointed to the Executive Committee, at what many saw as a clear attempt to allow Bradley to receive the Wilson Pecula exemption to run in a Democratic Primary. While Schreibman said he could not support a specific candidate because of his job as an ada, he did say he hoped Democrats would get behind Jonathan Sennett. " I can no longer work against the Party's candidate". Shreibman also strongly urged Vincent Bradley to drop out as well for the good of the party. "Mr. Bradley please help heal this party."

I have a new respect for Mr. Schreibman today, he could have stayed in or tried to get a promotion by coming out and endorsing a specific candidate but he didn't. He called a last minute press conference which many people were unaware of and gracefully bowed out. Mr. Schreibman did this selfless act because it was in the best interest of the party and he should really be commended for that. Thanks, Julian, thanks for running a clean race and having enough class and integrity to do the right thing. I wish Mr.Bradley would take a lesson from Julian, but somehow I doubt he will.

MR. Shreibman's full speech :

Good afternoon. During my travels around the County, I have had the pleasure of answering many questions about the District Attorney's Office and my role there as Senior Assistant District Attorney. Repeatedly and usually in private after a formal Q&A session has ended citizens have come to me with concerns about their local government. They worry about back-room deals and agreements that benefit the well-connected, including politicians themselves, rather than the public. In a word, they worry about corruption.

Sometimes, no doubt, these suspicions are misplaced, and result merely from a lack of transparency or communication. But, even when a concern is imagined, the worry alone corrodes the effectiveness of, and faith in, local government. �And if left unaddressed, it will fester as cynicism and disengagement. �Even more seriously, though, I have listened to concerns that have given me real pause. I have listened to very legitimate questions and accounts of troubling activities. �Especially at a time when new development projects are constantly proposed, the people of Ulster County must be confident that public officials are making decisions that benefit the citizens, not politicians or their well-connected friends.

In connection with last week's Independence Day holiday, I intended to address these concerns by proposing the reorganization of the DA's Consumer Fraud Bureau into the Public Integrity and Consumer Fraud Bureau, giving that Bureau explicit responsibility for receiving complaints of local government corruption, reviewing such claims and referring them, where appropriate, for prosecution by this Office. I know that our current District Attorney has plans to further improve and strengthen the Consumer Fraud Bureau and I believe adding this function would further enhance that Bureau and serve the citizens of this County.

Unfortunately, over the last two weeks, events within my own party have prevented me from making this proposal. �In light of the recent actions by some leaders of our Party, to give a speech about public integrity prosecutions would have been ironic, if not hypocritical.

As is well-known, the Party is currently considering whether to grant Vincent Bradley, Jr. a special waiver to run in the Democratic primary. Mr. Bradley requires this waiver because, over the last 21 years, he has never registered as a Democrat. His explanations for coming late to the Democratic table have been shifting and incomplete. �Nevertheless, I have welcomed him to the Party, and I do not question or criticize Mr. Bradley's decision to ask for that approval. But I have opposed granting this waiver. The so-called Wilson-Pakula waiver gives a Party the flexibility to endorse a non-party member when it lacks a qualified candidate. In this case, the Democrats already have two qualified candidates.�

The Party's Executive Committee was scheduled to vote on Mr. Bradley's request at its monthly meeting on June 27. On the eve of that meeting, it was clear that Mr. Bradley's request was opposed by a clear majority.

The meeting was abruptly canceled and then rescheduled for July 1, four days later. Between those two dates, the 29 members of the Executive Committee were notified that at least 20 new voting members had been appointed by the Chairman, in an unprecedented exercise of naked political power. �Nearly every new member was closely affiliated with Mr. Bradley's campaign, including members of his campaign committee, as well as his relatives. �All claimed the right to vote on Mr. Bradley�s waiver request. The matter has now been referred to the entire County Committee, where tempers will no doubt continue to run as high as the pressure to vote for the waiver.

These efforts must not be condoned or endorsed. The election of a District Attorney cannot be founded upon a contortion of principles on behalf of the powerful or famously-named. We cannot have a District Attorney who allows the rules to be bent for his own benefit. �A District Attorney cannot speak of equal justice for all citizens, if he is prepared to change the rules of the game when he doesn't like the outcome.�

Throughout this campaign, I have repeatedly said that the old style politics where who you know is more important than what you know, were a thing of the past. I was wrong. But I will not be wrong much longer. The citizens of this County know very well that ideas and experience are what matter in running our government successfully, not family connections or history. As Thomas Paine taught us more than 200 years ago, When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary There are two Democrats running for District Attorney who reject the old style of politics in Ulster County � Jonathan Sennett of New Paltz, and me. �Unfortunately for me, at the Party's June convention, Mr. Sennett received 31% of the vote and I received 29%, so that today he is the Party's formal nominee. And I am not.

Mr. Sennett and I disagree over matters of policy and approach to the DA�s Office. And, therefore, I was prepared to run an organized and issue-based primary campaign against him. However, in light of the divide within the Party whether we will be the Party of open government, public integrity, and progressive change, or whether we will just offer the failed politics of the past hidden beneath a different label it would not serve the interests of the Party or the citizens of the County, for me to continue to campaign against the Party�s nominee. �Rank and file members are eager to make clear their rejection of top-down decision making in this party; forcing them to choose between Mr. Sennett and me, detracts from that effort. Accordingly, I am here to tell you that last week I suspended petitioning and all other campaign activities, and that effective today, I am no longer a candidate for the Democratic nomination for District Attorney.

This has been a very successful campaign. Unlike my opponents, I began this race without political connections of any kind and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response we received from voters around the County. I'd like to thank my wife Shannon, who was the entire campaign staff for the first couple of weeks, and who remained the source of many of the ideas and much of the energy that ran through our campaign; my managers Trisha and Phil Schacter, who made our strong showing at the convention possible and brought us tantalizingly close to victory; dedicated advisor Sherrie Brittain, whose insight and feedback made each presentation we did better than the last; my boss, DA Don Williams, who has said many kind words on my behalf, when he didn't have to and wasn't asked; and many find members of the County Democratic committee who supported and believed in this campaign, but especially my old teacher Don Avallone of Saugerties, Terrie Rosenblum, the Chair in Woodstock, Ben Shor, the Chair in Marbletown and many members of the Marbletown committee; Legislator Phil Terpenning of Rosendale, and Joan Rice Smith of Ellenville.

Serving as Ulster County DA was a childhood dream for me. Today, I defer that dream. I do so out of an unwavering commitment to the principles and values of the Democratic Party. I pledge my support to the many leaders of our Party who are devoted to bringing Ulster County politics out of the 19th century, and forge a Party, and a County, we can all be proud of.

Politics cannot be just about winning elections; those of us who choose public careers do so to make a positive difference in peoples lives. With an eye to that greater good, it is imperative that any candidate be prepared to walk away from an election, be prepared to put the public ahead of personal goals and ambitions. I do so today. I ask Mr. Bradley to do the same. �He has always struck me as a decent man and I'm sure he is sincere in his desire to serve this County as DA. �But the time has come for him to take responsibility for his campaign and the divisions it has caused, and to be respectful of the will of the Party. I ask him to help heal our Party by rejecting and repudiating the extraordinary and unprincipled tactics that have been wielded on his behalf, in his name, and for his benefit. �I ask him to support the Party�s nominee for District Attorney.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I must emphasize that at the conclusion of this press conference, I will return to my work as a public servant at the DA's Office and the rules of professional ethics will prohibit me from participating directly in this election after today.

Thank you.�


Anonymous said...

Julian also has more respect in my book for doing what he did today. He could have bowed out, but he named names and blasted the Democratic Party for its lack of leadership.

Parete has his work cut out for him. Could he get Bradley to drop out to bring the family back together?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Mr. Bradley's supporters given that they have so much invested in his campaign and so much at risk if he does not get elected will allow him to drop out for the benifit of the Democratic Party. Party Benifit has never been in their vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

The only naming of names that count is in a Grand Jury Indictment. If he could only put to use what he heard on the Campaign trail about corruption in an Ulster County Courtroom! Mr. Bradley talks about his experience as a NY City DA fighting political corruption. Hasn’t he got the same message while on the Campaign trail?

Anonymous said...

You're right, Jeremy. Julian Schreibman is a class act and it's a shame that he didn't get the support that he deserved. Julian did the right thing and put the party before himself. It's too bad that Bradley and his supporters are so selfish and self-centered that they can't see what they're doing to the Democratic Party. They continue to divide the party which could prove costly to many Democratic candidates. John Parete doesn't realize or doesn't care how much he's hurting the party. John Sennett is a well-qualified candidate. If the Democrats didn't have a good candidate, then Bradley should primary. But, if the Democrats didn't have a well-qualified candidate, Bradley would've won at the convention.

Anonymous said...

The "Good Ole Boys" group continues... this time in the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real. Julian was a fourth rate candidate who had 10 people trying to get signitures. I hear he wasn't even close to the required amount. He had zero support around the county. I'm sure if Sennett wins then Julian is his top assistant. Then everyone in Ulster will be happy to know that we have two unethical backroom dealmakers leading the DA's office.

Anonymous said...

There are lot of lessons to be learned from Mr. Schriebman. If both the Bradley and Sennett supporters are paying attention, they will take this opportunity to clean up this mess.

Anonymous said...

When you say this mess, you mean Bradley's mess. He has been a dud candidate from the beginning. Just ask committees in Saugerties, New Paltz and Woodstock.

He is a whiner not a winner.

As for any references to deals, there were none and never will be. Another delusion promoted by the Bradley campaign.

We need a leader with integrity in the DA's office. That pretty much cuts Bradley out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

You know what's interesting...

when Bradley cuts a deal with the Independence Party it's called politics.

When allegations of a deal are made by Bradley he calls it unethical behavior.

Bradley is completely and totally unsuited to be a district attorney. Send him back to Morganthau.

Anonymous said...

It's Parete's mess. There should be a help wanted sign out in front of the board of elections.

Julie McQuain said...

At our regular monthly meeting last night, the members of Ulster County Democratic Women unanimously voted to oppose granting a Wilson-Pakula waiver in the DA race.

The discussion was lively and included the following points:

1. A Wilson-Pakula waiver has been used to cross endorse someone from another party when we Democrats have no suitable candidate available.
2. After an energetic, issue-driven campaign conducted by 3 candidates Jonathan Sennett, an enrolled Democrat, won the approval of the full County Committee decisively on June 4th.
3. Vincent Bradley, a non-enrolled person, had many opportunities to persuade Democrats that he would be the best candidate for the Democratic Party, and did not.
4. Despite last-minute changes to the Democratic Executive Committee roster, Mr. Bradley’s supporters failed to win approval for a waiver on July 1.
5. Mr. Bradley has accepted the endorsement of the Conservative Party and of the Independence Party -- and therefore has the opportunity to run on those lines in November. No voter will be deprived of the ability to support Mr. Bradley.
6. With Julian Schreibman's withdrawal from the race there is now no need for a Democratic primary, unless a waiver is granted.
7. A Democratic primary could dissipate resources better used in the general election.

Julie McQuain, President
Ulster County Democratic Women

Anonymous said...

Julian Schreibman, like the other DA candidates in the race, is qualified for the job. His dropping out and supporting Jonathan Sennett, the Democratic Convention Nominee, is way classier behavior than we can expect of Vincent Bradley, Junior. Bradley, Junior is driven by only his personal ambition, a handful of top-down party bosses and his famous name. As Schriebman points out, Bradley Junior obviously had no loyalty to the Democratic party to begin with. Don't forget: this entire political mess was "skillfully" orchestrated by Democratic party Chairman John Parete and Democratic party Boss Kevin Cahill. I bet Parete and Cahill will find themselves in the coming fight of their political lives at the next opportunity. Bradley, Junior should do them and the Democratic Party a favor and honorably withdraw ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Reynolds of the Freeman noted sightings of [Bradley] and [Bruhn] bumper stickers on the tails of SUV's in the city of Kingston. Let's hope Bradley ends this destructive madness for the Democrats, gets out of the race and retreats to NYC before he can assist Bruhn in the defeat of Democratic incumbent Judge Jim Gilpatric

Anonymous said...

"I'm rubber, your glue. Everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you." It seems this is the doctrine of Schriebman. He waited a month to disclose what some in this blog have described as a crime. I guess that makes sense to an ADA.

Now he has found the democratic religion and drops out for the good of the party. And then calls for Bradley to follow suit.Where was he for the last five weeks? Oh yea, Vowing to run a vigorous primary campaign. If he is so concerned about the party, why wait so long.

Since some see fit to compare candidates to caricatures then Pinocchio is perfect for Schriebman.

Anonymous said...

Who is Julian ? In his 2 years in Ulster county he has the worst courtroom record of anyone in that office. It's all public record in the court clerk's office. Ask any criminal defense attorney around, they cannot wait to go against him. He is ill-prepared in court and was definitely ill-prepared to lead this county. Whomever gets elected should think twice about letting him loose in court. People could really get hurt. Just ask Professor Wade Thompson of SUNY New Paltz.

Anonymous said...

You people are sick. What pathetic accusations about Schreibman are you going to come up with next? Why attack a man with such a distinguished record? Oh, I get it, it's because he's got class and you don't. That's why you are lurking about this blog and writing anonymously.

Have you ever tried a case? Ever? Have you ever won awards for your successful prosecutions? Who are you anyway?

I'll tell you, you are a political hack. A tool. Scum.

I suggest you channel your energy into something more productive because it's obvious that you have a serious personal problem, and a bad case of sour grapes.

In other words, Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The last blogger said it all. The Bradley crew have to try and put Julian's good name and try to muddy it like their own candidate. I think Julian will make a great judge someday....

Anonymous said...

Julian has a terrible reputation amongst the legal community. His Yale degree sounds good but he is a lousy prosecutor and attorney. His candidacy was a waste of time and energy. I do give him credit for finally realizing he sucks and had no chance to win.

Anonymous said...