Friday, July 27, 2007


After it was all said and done, there will be no primary in the race for Ulster County District Attorney, according to official records filled at the Ulster County Board of Elections. The match-up will be Democrat and Working Families candidate Jonathan R. Sennett and Republican candidate D. Holley Carnright. It should be an interesting race, I know the race will be clean and too the issues, both candidates are respected individuals. However, I of course, give Mr.Sennett the edge to win. Mr. Sennett has more overall and practical experience as a prosecutor and as an attorney.

Note: There is a third party candidate running but his name escapes me.


Anonymous said...

Back when Holley was DA, they hadn't yet invented electricity.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Mike Kavanaugh

Bob Ricken

Anonymous said...

Mr. Carnwright has some support in Saugerties and the city of Kingston, and mindless partisan support among loyal Republican voters who would vote for the preverbial republican red cloth coat on the GOP line, and that's about it. As a county-wide candidate running only on the Republican line I figure he locks up 27% - 30% of the vote. To hold on to his Republican and Conservative support, Carnwright will have to become more persuasive, charismatic and interesting, spend a fortune and run to the right of Vincent Bradley.

If Conservative-Independent candidate Vincent Bradley competes with Jonathan Sennett for mainstream Democrats and progressives, Bradley risks losing the votes of Conservatives who will gladly leave him in a heartbeat for Carnwright. (I know what you're thinking: who ever heard of a Conservative with a heart?)

Anonymous said...

Holley represented my wife when we got divorced. It's not that he tried to nail me - we were pretty amicable, care about our kids, and parted friends - it's that he was an incompetant ass and did my ex-wife no favor.