Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anything to be Mayor....... Cahill pandering to CSEA

Well, just when you thought the relationship between CSEA and Kingston Mayor James Sottile couldn't get any worse it has.... With CSEA Union Vice President Troy Ashdown saying that the city's chief Exec needs anger management and Sottile calling Union Leadership lazy and removing television sets from the sewer department, and maybe all departments. Richard Cahill sure didn't waste anytime in trying to capitalize on the issue calling the Mayor "vindictive" and calling him an embarrassment to the city. The only thing embarrassing is Cahill a.k.a. Mr. Conservative, trying to pander to the union. It's absolutely sickening, the worst part is CSEA seems to be buying into it. When push comes to shove, Sottile has always come through for CSEA, it would have been easy for Sottile to lay off a whole bunch of people over the years in order to keep taxes in check and silence his critics (like Cahill, who has called for a hiring freeze) but he didn't. Tell me again how Cahill plans to lower taxes 12% without cutting a single's not possible.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy the best thing you can do is to keep your distance from a candidate showing erratic behavior. It makes you look silly trying to support or justify a candidate who is acting in an unprofessional manner.

Those who lay down with dogs get up with fleas.

Anonymous said...

Sottile is right, workers are not getting paid to watch tv. The sewer dept. is known as the A- Team...they have it made and do nothing. Gorsline should put his men in check. I'm sick of reading Sottile made out to be the bad guy becasue Gorsline let's them run wild. Thanks, Mayor for doing your job!

Anonymous said...

CSEA is a corrupt Union. It's not going to matter anyway, as the Russian Mob is taking over Kingston, and their boy is Cahill, not Sottile.

Das Vidanya!

Anonymous said...

The issue here again is the repeated appearance of Kingston's Mayor as ill-mannered, hot-tempered, immature and unprofessional. These are not attractive attributes for a Mayor, and dreadful (if not fatal) for an incumbent seeking re-election. Of course Cahill is such a weak candidate it should not change the outcome, but I think there is reason to be concerned. And anyway, when have these silly squables with the union ever resulted in better service to the public?

Anonymous said...

little dick is a political ho

Anonymous said...

So, the Mayor has lost his temper again. Anger mangement is a good idea.

Sottile did not discuss removing the TV or restricting its use. He had it removed by royal decree. This is not the behavior of a "CEO". This is the behavior of a dictator.

It appears he is being vindictive. And unreasonable. The DPW workers are paid less than fire or police and asking them for such a large increase in health insurance kickback is suspect, in my opinion.

As to our City workers being lazy - more than other employees who are unionized? Not from my experience. Any interaction I've had with members of the CSEA has been helpful, and respectful. I can't say the same for Sottile.

Sottile's continued erratic behavior is very troubling. He appears to believe his word is law. THe DA race is one example, the race for Alderman of the 4th Ward is another. The lack of meters on John Stret, between Crown and Wall Streets is another. Now, he is going after the CSEA.

It appears that only his friends and supporters are safe from his wrath. Is this what we want in our City's leader? It also seems that working people are not on his list of "friends." Which City is he serving? The monied and priveleged and those who support him 100%. That leaves many of us without a voice or influence. While we pay the burden of taxes that help to "favor" those who support him.

I hope the CSEA follows through on their action against Sottile. The rest of us have little recourse until election day.

JoeyB said...

A coincidence or true colors? I would have to go with, true colors. It had been rumored for years, Sottile's short fuse, but since the exposition at Mariners, it appears to be more than just rumors. Perhaps the media is no longer afraid to point out Sottile's anger, since he showed us himself.

At worst, he has a real medical condition, which he should get help. At best, he is acting like a child who is having a bad birthday party, making sure everyone else is having a bad time too.

I feel bad for the apologists out there. Either Sottile has something over them, they fear Sottile, or they have political aspirations of their own.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Cahill. If I
remember he was a drummer in a rock
band that covered AC/DC. Def Leppard,
and Rush. If it it the same guy I think it is I don't know what kind of a Mayor he would be but he was a good rock drummer. Did a good version of
'limelight' by Rush.

Anonymous said...

Because of our do-nothing state Assemblyman, I have sworn off voting for Cahills

Anonymous said...

The Union Contract is clear. the workers are not to routinely come back to the office during lunch hour. They are to eat on the job. It is simply. They are violating the terms of the contract that they negotiated. Several questions need to be answered. Who authorized the TV's to be in the office in the first place? Who owns the TV's? What was the rational for installing the TV's? Who is paying the cable bill? Who and why was the cable hookup authorized? Question is.. Why do city workers need a TV? Maye only the 911 centers and police should have TV's and they should be restricted to CNN and the Weather Channel as these are the only relevant channels to the business of gevernment. That way the sewer dept could call the PD and get a weather report. The truth is that there is no need for a TV in most government facilities. Why should the tax payer foot the bill? The city is right.. Troy... get a life.. Drop the Union mentality of doing as little as possible and get to work.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is a lot of things, but weak is not one of them. I am beginning to believe that he might just beat Sottile. Also, Richard Cahill and Kevin Cahill are not related. So, whether you like or dislike one of them should not effect your opinion of the other.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is a nerd and very very weak. He has nothing better to do then post comments pretending to be someone that is going to support him. The fact of the matter is Cahill does not hold a candle to Sottile. Sottile is a man and Cahill is a little boy.

Shawn (Formisano Live) Mon 10:30pm KPA#23 said...

I like Rich Cahill, and I like the Mayor. I guess that makes me unique amongst the posters here , most of whom rightly so have a polarized opinion of either. Thankfully, I don't live in the city, so I can wuss-out by not having to choose on who to vote for. However, I will follow the issues and when the time is right during the campaign, I'll make a donation to the person who I believe is best for the job.


Anonymous said...

To 10:49,

A real man walks away from a confrontation with a woman, regardless of who started it. A real man listens to all sides of an issue. A real man treats everyone with respect, whether they disagree with him or not. A real man knows when to put the drinks down at public and political events. A real man discusses issues, not dictates to others. A real man meets his scheduled obligations (failure to show at the Charter School meeting and the Children's Parade). A real man, who is Mayor, doesn't change the rules because a friend asks him to. (No meters on John Street between Crown and Wall). A real man accepts responsiblty for his own actions.

Sottile- a man? Not the kind of man I want to lead this City or be a role model for our youth.

Anonymous said...

When push came to shove the Mayor supports CSEA? You are still living in your pre-summer 2006 dreamworld.

The Mayor shoved the Union last summer regarding Jamie-Gate....remember?

Anonymous said...

2:04 Idiot!