Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Primaries

The following is who we like for the 2010 does not reflect who we support in the general elections.. specifically the Governor's race, I strongly support Andrew Cuomo for Governor. Make sure you all go out and vote...especially for Kingston City Judge Larry Ball and Eric Dinallo for AG!!!

Republican Governor : Carl Paladino

Democrat US Senate: Kirsten Gilibrand

Republican US Senate: Joe DioGuardi

Republican US Senate: Jay Townsend

Democrat NYS Attorney General: Eric Dinallo

Independence City of Kingston Judge: Larry Ball

Conservative City of Kingston Judge: Larry Ball

Democrat New Paltz district 7 Committee : Dan Torres and Toni Hokenson


Anonymous said...

Break it local...

one who knows ! said...

YES!!!! on Dan Torres & Toni Hokanson in Dem committee primary -

this is only being done by huge pain in the ass & pr*ck Joshua Honig & nasty witch Corrinne Nyquist - the Dem Chairwoman & a nasty bitch is ever there was one -

They are afraid of Dan TOrres cause he is young, smart & going places -
He already is Elliott Auerbach's effective secret weapon & why these nasty dems ( honig & nyquist ) want to stifle his participation is a mystery to all NP Dems -


VOTE !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm affraid your emotions are blocking your objectivity. Dinallo is a good guy, but Schneiderman will win the primary. Dinallo...4th or 5th.