Thursday, September 02, 2010

Here and There

With the tea party candidate's upset victory in Alaska could we see Carl Palidino win the GOP primary for Governor? He certainly deserves it over Rick Lazio who has just dropped the ball. What a coward Lazio is by the way for refusing to debate Carl Palidino. I firmly support Andrew Cuomo but would love to see Carl Palidino win the GOP primary over Lazio.

Eric Dinallo was very impressive in his debate in Albany yesterday on WAMC, he was clearly head and shoulders above the other candidates, I really hope Democrats come out and support Eric Dinallo who has all the right qualifications and experience to be our next AG. I will say before the debate Assemblyman Richard Brodsky got up unexpectedly and started playing the piano at the theater where the debate was held, I must say he was good, I like Brodsky he is a good guy.

Alderwoman Jen Fuentes and CSEA put on a great community event last weekend, it was really well attended and they both deserve a lot of credit and kudos.


Jeremiah said...

I agree Paladino should beat Lazio. Lazio is a jerk with an ego that has no clue. I think Paladino has a good chance against Lazio. However if Paladino wins the primary, look for the state party to turn their back on him.

I doubt that Paladino would have a chance at beating Coumo, but I think the race would be a lot more interesting. I am sure Coumo would look forward to running against Lazio because Lazio will lose the race all on his own and Coumo could save some money.

Anonymous said...

I am going to the polls for Palladino. Seeing his signs springing up in City of Kingston. I want someone in office who will speak the truth and not be beholden to anyone. Exactly what NYS needs. Good riddance to the rubbish that is in place now.