Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Julian and Democrats' next two years

Let me start by congratulating Julian Schreibman for being elected Ulster County's Democratic chairman for another two years, being elected unopposed..which should not of happened, Democrats deserve a choice and it's not Julian's fault that he didn't have an opponent so I don't fault him obviously.

Julian will be Democratic boss next year in 2011, which I truly feel will be the most important election year in our county's history. So much is at stake for Democrats and we can't afford any mistakes and I assure you that our real party leader Mike Hein, will not tolerate an absent chairman.

Julian has a full time job in NYC and a young family, he chose to run again despite that and our party put faith in him, he must deliver and I wish him the best and vow to give him a fair shake for our party's sake. We need to reelect Mike Hein as county executive, we need to elect Jonathan Sennett as our next District Attorney and we need to desperately take back the county legislature after the new lines are drawn and single member districts take place...mark my words whatever party takes the legislature next year after redistricting will have control for a very long time.

There also is a lot to be done in 2010, we need to make sure all of our countywide races are successful, that Elliott Auerbach serves another term as the County's watchdog, Paul Van Blarcum is reelected as our Sheriff and that Frank Skartados and Kevin Cahill return to the NYS Assembly were they have served us proud, especially Kevin Cahill who is one of the best public servants in Ulster County..actually the best hands down.

Just to clarify Julian's comments regarding the Comptroller's race in the Daily Freeman today where he said this:

Schreibman said the most hotly contested race is shaping up to be between Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach, the incumbent Democrat, and Republican challenger Fawn Tantillo

“The comptroller race is more high-profile,” Schreibman said. “It’s seen more as a political position. It’s new, the role that I think more than any other the voters wanted to see created in county government when they adopted the charter.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Come'on Julian I am trying very hard to like you.

First let me say the office of the Comptroller is not seen as a political position, it's viewed and it is an independent office that watches and oversees county tax dollars, making sure all departments, including the office of Executive and the legislature are running smoothly. Now some people may not like that but no one sees that office as political except maybe Julian and his former boss DA Harvey Dent..I mean DA Carnright.

Secondly the race is hotly contested.. Really, since when? You have Elliott Auerbach who by all accounts is doing a great job, (even Republicans and conservatives will privately tell you they support Elliott) running against an individual that is a former legislator that chaired the jail oversight committee, never holding a single meeting, while taxpayers saw their taxes rise over 39%. An individual that when she left the legislature took a patronage job she was unqualified for, forcing her colleagues to make an ethics law in her honor..the Tantillo law. Not to mention Fawn Tantillo's campaign has no money, so hotly contested...I think not.

Julian made a good point in that Ulster Democrats need to take an interest and an involvement in our statewide races. When Andrew Cuomo ran for Attorney General, he got less votes in this county than Allen Hevesi. With Paladino energizing Republicans and caring Ulster 2:1 in the GOP primary, we need to work hard for Andrew and not take anything for granted. We also need to make sure that the highly qualified Eric Schneiderman is elected Attorney General, upstate will be key to this race.

Democrats in Ulster County have enrollment advantage, a highly energized committee, great candidates and an ivy league educated Chairman...we have all the tools to be successful.


Anonymous said...

Auerbach has turned the Comptroller job into one of the most political in Ulster County. His tenure is made up of "punch and run" reports that he publicly releases to make him and Hein look good and then he runs away once the facts that he got wrong come to light.

He has proven that he will roll over like a good lap dog whenever Hein tells him to. And worse yet he rolled over when DA Carnright refused to act on his highly political report on the Palens. Rather than go over Carnright's head to the AG who probably would have really exposed Auerbach for the joke he is he ducked out of sight, looking for another political report to write.

But that being said, who are you going to vote for? Certainly not Tantillo. She is just trying to pad her pension some more. Thanks to Bernardo for cutting a deal with Auerbach. Or did he really think that either one of the Independence candidates that tried for the endorsement had any chance in hell of winning.

Anonymous said...

Stay tunned: I heard there was another dog fight at the City Republican Committee Meeting last night. Attacks were made against their own committee members.
What does this tell you as far as the GOP Leaders presently serving the City of Kingston? Signed Ashamed

one who knows said...

Curious Jeremy,

What flaor is that KOOL-AID you have been drinking ?

Grape, Lime or Cherry ?

As for the City GOP'rs -

It is a matter of a few dis-gruntled sore losers, whining & meowing & the strong experienced BATTLE-TESTED current leadership trying to righten the ship.

"Stay out of the way if ya cant lend a hand," i think Bob said that, right ?

Anonymous said...

Had a Shreibman (or any actual Democrat) been the Chair a couple years ago, Sennett would already be our county DA. Weren't you supporting the Parete that threw that election? I feel pretty good about Julian leading the way. You ought to as well.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very foolish for Jeremy to place his support behind Hein before anyone has even announced his/her interest in running for County Executive. How can a choice be made before the alternatives are placed before the public? I think you are much smarter than being a blind lemming folower. I remember a certain endorsement made for AG a few months ago that changed into someone else. It's time for Jeremy to grow up and stop acting like a political whore and to stick to issues and values instead of getting his photo taken with the next hot item. Clean up your act and live up to what I see as being great capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Ashamed is one of the DiFalcos.

Anonymous said...

The word is "tuned". Learn to spell, Joe.

Anonymous said...

I read the 2;28PM comment and it made me want to find out exactly what Auerbach was up to so I went on the county website and found his page. What I saw surprise me! He had completed over two dozen reports and they seem to focus on a variety of countywide issues including taking on numerous departments, the legislature and exec.
The few that I read seemed to thorough and filled with recommendations as well as citing problems.
I wasn't impressed with Auerbach as a candidate against Quigley, but these reports have changed my mind.
Doubting Thomas

Anonymous said...

2:28, You're incorrect. Auerbach is blasting the Finance office, who are direct reports to Hein. You think Hein approved that one?

Sorry, Hein is highly pissed off that Auerbach went after one of his biggest contributor blocks.

Hein and Auerbach are anything but friends.
Auerbach and the Legislature are anything but friends.

Auerbach is out of friends in county government, period.

Jeremy Blaber said...

7:38 PM

Really? Are we comparing the Parete record to the Julian record??

I proudly supported John Parete and if he was our chairman we would have the legislature and the office of the county court.

What happened in the da's race was unfortunite, certianly not all Parete's fault, it goes a little higher up than that.

It's time to move on, I'm pretty confident John Parete will be strongly supporting Mr.Sennett if he chooses to run for DA this time around. Im also confident Jon will win handidly this time around.

On a side note again I wish Julian the best, he's the chair but he is no John Parete

Anonymous said...

8:21 are you kidding me?? Hein is the incumbent, Democrats will stand behind him for he next election. There are 2 Democrats that have a bug up their ass and are jealous as hell when it comes to Hein. They see themselves as Executive material. Please , voters are happy with him for tough choices, they don't care about the inside BS. Im an independent and he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

8:25 if the reports are so good how come the Palen's aren't in jail. The DA isn't the only one that can pursue charges you know. I seriously doubt that you read any of his reports. If you did and find them to be complete and honest then maybe you should go back to elementary school.

As far as the latest report, the sources he uses to determine numbers are completely idiotic and information is incomplete. Bed tax is just that, a bed tax not total revenue in a hotel. And that is just the start. Particularly with regards to entities missing off of the list. Maybe that is because they aren't supposed to be on the list. Auerbach should stick to selling donated art work to pay the bills, because he couldn't find missing money if you poured it on him.

He is out there throwing accusations that are baseless and he doesn't stick around to justify them. If I were the Palens I would have named him personally in a Civil Suit.

Anonymous said...

Stop posting party business, Joe. It is the GOP that is "ashamed" of you.

Anonymous said...

It's JOE DiFalco. Ellen can at least spell properly.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Peter Rooney was on the radio this morning and all he did was talk about his pony tail and the fact that he is self financing.

He has no idea what he is doing, no idea what he is talking about, no idea what to do. He could not articulate one issue. Even the woman on show tried to get him talk over and over again and he had nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Fred Wadnola shut Robin Yess up on the radio this morning?

"OK, We've heard enough from our county chair"

She was on the radio for less than 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

8:08 & 8:28 AMEN to that!! Hey democrats, you want them??? or they could start another party--the DISGRUNTLED party with a membership of 2 possibly 3.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashamed...If you are posting a hot, juicy news item, what did happen if you weren’t there to get your story first-hand? Was there any bloodshed? Was anyone bodily carried out? Make sure you provide details and identify your source because I am sure the DiFalco’s have better things to do than post party business. Who gives a rat’s ass?

Anonymous said...

So what's up with your run for Mayor in New Paltz

Anonymous said...


The DiFalco's do not have better things to do. They are obsessed with attacking their own party. It is really quite sick.

Anonymous said...

9:12. Must be hard to not have a life.My questions to them is...If you are not happy with Republican party why are you still there? Have you checked into another party to further your cause? Do you fancy yourselves to be reformers? My Grandpa always said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and from reading the posts of other individuals on this blog it sounds like you drank the vinegar.

Anonymous said...

5:52 PM-"the strong experienced BATTLE-TESTED current leadership trying to righten the ship?" You mean you haven't gotten the orders to abandon ship yet? It's going down faster than you might think. Just take a look in the past. This current leadership hasn't had a win in over 30 years. Get over yourselves. What are you drinking?

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill and Tony Sinagra, political aces. One is an idiot, the other is washed up. You figure which is which.

Anonymous said...

8:20 (aka Joe and Ellen DiFalco),

Give it a rest. We're all sick and tired of hearing from you. You're obviously obsessed with Cahill and Sinagra. They ousted you from power and you cannot stand it. Live with it. It's history and you cannot change it.

Anonymous said...

ditto to 12:24