Monday, September 13, 2010

Hein Looks To Prevent Job Cuts in 2011 Budget

Counties across the region are preparing their 2011 budgets to be presented in the next several weeks. The financial problems facing all of them in the last few years, including fewer revenues, more charges and fees and unfunded mandates from Albany, have left counties in rough times.

In Ulster County last year, county officials enacted employee layoffs to help balance the spending plan.

County Executive Michael Hein said he does not want to place anymore of a burden on county residents.

“Taxpayers simply cannot afford major tax increases. We need to make significant transformations in government,” he said. “Government can’t just whittle around the edges. Government has to actually make significant changes. The American family, they know that tough decisions are needed because they make them every single day and that’s something government has to learn to do.”

Hein said he hopes there will be no need for layoffs this year. He will present his proposed budget to the county legislature in about a month.

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Anonymous said...

Well now that he created jobs for his campaign staff he shouldn't cut them.