Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Why not a woman? Why not Robin Yess??

Why not Robin Yess?

Why would Republicans not support a woman that was the right hand to current chair Mario Catalano.

Why not support a woman that has been involved in every single major Republican event for the last two years including the sold out event honoring America's Mayor Rudy Guiliani?

Why not support a woman that has volunteered countless hours to the party and been part of several successful Republican victories over the last two years?

Why not support a woman that took one for team and went on a suicide mission for her party challenging the virtually unbeatable Assemblyman Kevin Cahill?

Do you think maybe cuz she's a woman?

The fact of the matter is there is no reason not to elect Robin Yess, she is capable, qualified and has done everything right. However if you look at my poll or ask the average Republican committeeman you are given a sneer...why is that? Do you think if Robin Yess were a man there would be any question as to who would replace Mario? Why dont Republicans just admit they are sexist and don't want to see a woman in a position of power??

I hope the GOP proves me wrong, Ulster Republicans are in a position to elect their first female chair, something not even Ulster Democrats have been able to do...Why not make history by doing the right thing; elect Robin Yess chair of the Ulster County GOP and finally start to head toward the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why no one will support Robin, she is not very nice. Simple, be nice to people and people will be nice to you.

Anonymous said...


It is not about sexism it is about alienating long time gop leaders.

Robin did a lot of the heavy lifting for Dr Catalano but pissed off some TOwn Chairs with her brusque & ego-driven ways.

She sees herself as the only one now & that just ain't the truth.

No sexism - just old school politics.

sorry, this one is off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Why not Terry Bernardo? She is a woman too.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I would proudly vote for Terry Bernardo for any office, except County Comptroller ;)

Anonymous said...

Terry Bernardo is not interested and Robin is not the right candidate
She can't fundraise - just check her own financial disclosures for her own campaigns
She can't win elections and doesn't have the political strategy experience to help others win elections
She alienates people rather than manages and builds consensus
She prefers to do everything herself, refuse help, and then complain that no one helps her
If there was such a "conflict" with her business when she was the Exec Director, WTF does she thing there is going to be as Chair
She doesn't have the personal wealth and time to travel to State functions to represent Ulster County

Long Time Republican said...

Here is why Yess is not being supported

Because on the
Inside she is a
Terribly rude and
Callous person who only
Helps herself.

Anonymous said...

yes to Robin Yess. She is smart and a true leader. She has my vote.

Anonymous said...

very clever wording longtime republican but not funny. Must be a man cuz most women would not stoop to such flagrant behavior. Are you scared of a woman possibly running the show? Since when does a person have to be nice to hold an office? Some men are not but who calls them on the carpet for that behavior?

Anonymous said...

How about because she is a rainy day republican.

When she wanted to run for UC Legislature she registered in the Democratic Party, then the Conservative Party when Dems rejected her, then the Republican Party. I also understand she was non-enrolled before that. So in 5 years she has had 4 different designations...hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

9:15, very funny... and accurate.