Thursday, September 02, 2010

Come Celebrate Ulster County and Support Our Executive Mike Hein!!!

Come out and support Ulster County Executive Mike Hein. I know there are a ton of fundraisers and times are tough but it's really important that we reelect our Democratic County Executive Mike Hein next year. Unfortunitly running countywide is very costly and it takes a lot of money to win these campaigns. So if you can make it please try to attend.

- Jeremy Blaber

Time: September 21 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Hillside Manor, Route 32 South of Kingston

We will be keeping it local with farm fresh fare from Ulster County.

Donation $75.00 per person.

Checks made payable to:...Friends of Mike Hein
PO Box 3005Kingston, NY 12402

Please contact to reserve your ticket


Anonymous said...

Look at Joe Roberti attacking Elliott and Mike on his dopey blog Ulster Mojo like people don't know it's him. Will someone please help Joe Roberti get laid! He's all backed up and has that retard strength and is just an angry bitter guy. Maybe Fawn can give him a little hand releif?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about Roberti.
Some advise from one who supports ein.He is sucking money away from Elliott and Paul by having a fundraiser now. He gave $2000 to Cuomo who has $20 million in the bank and little if anything to local candidates who desperately need the funding. He should donate now, cancel his event, and have it after the election. He'll be thanked and rewarded. Otherwise it looks like it's all about Hein.

Anonymous said...

No Thanks to this. I would prefer to give my money to actual candidates who need it THIS YEAR !!! What is wrong with Hein holding a fund raiser when he is not running? He is taking money from candidates who really need it!

Anonymous said...

Fawn ? who do you think Roberti is ??? Danny Alfonso ?? Peter Savago ???

They seem to be the recipients of past Fawn relief - see where it got them ??


2:20 is funneeee

Anonymous said...

We like Mike and will be going to his fundraiser. I moved to Ulster County with my family 4 years ago and I will say I got to have a personal meeting with Mr. Hein in his office about a problem I was having and he could not have been more helpful.

I am not political, I found this website by doing a google search on Mr.Hein. I am really happy by the serivce he is doing. Just my opinion as an outsider looking in.

Mr. Blaber, I find your blog very intresting and will keep reading if I may suggest try to screen some of these comments for content.

Anonymous said...

Mike's a good guy, I can't make his fundraiser I will be out of town but he has my support next year and I am sure there will be a lot of other events in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mike has made another huge political blunder. Why is he poking this years candidates in the eye with a fundraiser now? He did the same thing last year and said he was giving the money to Legislative candidates and then kept the money for himself. He may have donated to Lomita and Provenzano, which he would have anyway, he owed them.

We have candidates who need money now. VanBlarcum, Auerbach, Cahill and Hinchey. All of them could use the money more than Hein. I suggest you donate to one of them instead of Hein.

I'll say this, this fundraiser from Hein has convinced me that he is all about Mike and cares nothing about our party. He lost one donor no matter when he asks.

Anonymous said...

Of course he needs a fundraiser after he gave the Demo Party $10,000 earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

8:48, more than likely Hein gave money to Cuomo because he needs to suck up - he needs Cuomo. He doesn't need Auerbach and VanBlarcum, so he doesn't need to give them any money. I'll give money to the candidates who are running this year.

Anonymous said...

Hein wouldn't give $10,000 to anyone. He gave Andrew $2,000 when he thought he had a shot at Lt. Governor. Now watch, he will not give him squat.

I say boycott this fundraiser and give to the candidates who are running this year.

Anonymous said...

Hinchey and other elected officials have fundraisers in off years, why not Hein.

Anonymous said...

you're right, 10:12, but a big difference is that Hinchey's district is bigger so he needs more money, and also he runs every two years. There's not a lot of time to raise money between elections. Also, Hinchey doesn't host fundraisers in the middle of election season. If you're not running that year, you could be holding your fundraisers earlier in the year. One more thing (and I haven't checked): how much money does Hein give to other candidates and the Democratic committee? I think Hinchey is pretty generous.

Anonymous said...

Fundraisers in off years are fine, but do it well before, or after election day. Not in the middle of the campaign season. There are limited dollars out there for this year and Hein might as well take it out of their pocket.

It is wrong and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

9:47 You are lucky. Do you know that he does not respond to requests from other elected officials to attend meetings?

You are not an outsider looking in if he granted you a personal favor. You are a person who is influenced by what he did for you. Ask the employees, ask people who have worked with him and his staff on a regular basis.

He is self centered, win at all costs narcissist.

1:01, Get to know him, he is NOT a nice guy, he is a cut throat politician who would fire his mother if he thought it would get him some votes.

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm backer of Hinchey but only contribute on the year he is running.