Friday, September 10, 2010

Here and There

Wow, the RRA report Elliott Auerbach released sure has got him a lot of great press, except from certain members of the legislature, well as they say the truth hurts. These are some of the benefits of having a watch dog that is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to protect Ulster taxpayers. Bravo, Comptroller Auerbach.

Sorry to see Kingston Public Access is off the air, again! It was only a matter of time though. That commission is a complete mess with a clear agenda. Whether I agree with certain shows on that station, throwing away a 6 municipality live tv station is a huge blow to free speech.

So Mario has decided to pull out of the race for Chair for a second time. Rumor has it Robin Yess was not backing out for him and has secured the support of Al Spada. The era of good ol' boy politics ended with Mike Hein, Elliott Auerbach and other great electeds that stood up and said, you know, we are here to serve the people not ourselves. There are a few people that apparently have not gotten that message.


Clark Richters said...

You are welcome to attend the meeting.

Kingston Area Public Acces meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in Conference Room 1 of Kingston City Hall at 7pm.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a problem with Robin? I thought you were all giddy about her candidacy Jeremy? As a Democrat, you should be throwing a party. She thinks that preparing petitions (poorly might I ad), organizing the County Republican dinner and seating (poorly might I ad), and setting up the booth at the County Fair qualifies her to be Chairman. All that really qualifies her for is to be a candidate for the office secretary. Here is a woman that was a Democrat, became a Republican, ran for Legislator (lost), ran for Assembly (lost, I mean got her ass kicked by Cahill worse than Noonan did ), she couldn't raise any money for either campaign
And couldn't get along with RACC because she is so much smarter and has more political know how than them).
Our new head of strategy and fundraising for the Republican Party - Democrats - you have been given a gift. The only equalizer is that Shriebman is equally as awful and disliked within the Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with you more,Jeremy! Al Spada is scourge on our county and more people need to say hit the road to this scumbag! I dont understand why people still give this has been any play at all.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Spada is a total corny old bastard riding around like he is some kinda pimp or something. LOL! UC 1 my ass, he gets no respect from me, dude.

Mary Liniworth said...

What a bunch of sick and hateful people that post on blogs, just about all of them. They are such cowards they would never speak up in public or to the individual in person. I don't understand the bitterness of it all. It's OK to dislike someone or not vote for them but to degrade an individual is over the top. You have no idea what Al Spada has done for our community and many individuals he has helped financialy. He would never speak of this in public. Mr. Spada is semi-retired but keeps busy. Since when is that a crime and since when is riding around the are a crime. Plese get a life, go to church and pray for some joy in your own life.

Anonymous said...

9:06, Al Spada has fleeced this county for years by way of his "consulting" activities. I can only pray that the sooner he is no longer involved "keeping busy" as you put it, the better.

Anonymous said...

4:25 hit the nail on the head - Al Spada single-handedly is responsible for lack of development in this area. Every time a developer comes to this area, Spada is there squeezing thousands of dollars in consulting fees - essentially turning them away. Who wants to do business here when the first transaction they encounter is a shake-down? Look what happened with Sailor's Cove in Kingston. They paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees and went nowhere. Now the project is dead, but Spada and Oliveri made a fortune.

Ms. Liniworth - since you're singing Spada's high praises for him, and he's so shy about it himself, why don't you enlighten us as to what he's done for his community? I bet it's a very short list. And, since Mr. Spada was an elected official, he should expect to be publicly degraded or praised, depending upon how he's conducted himself. Taking money from business people to "expedite" paperwork and dropping it (the money and paperwork) on people's desks in Albany to make sure their application goes on top of the pile is less than honorable.

As far as church goes, don't foist your b.s. on the rest of us. I don't need some fake guy in the sky to make me happy. Sad that you do.

Anonymous said...

Al Spada has gotten rich on the taxpayers. What is so honorable about that?