Friday, September 24, 2010

WOW, Are you kidding me?

I've enclosed a picture in the story for those of you that have not seen Holly in four and have forgotten what he looks like.

Holly Carnright put out a letter the editor blasting the NFL for an internal policy decision that was made regarding an NFL employee that had been charged with drunk is the letter.

DA Carnright to the NFL: Get It Straight

Braylon Edwards, the Jets wide receiver gets arrested for DWI, .16 (BAC), and the NFL says "this is a violation of their substance abuse policy".


It is a crime. Driving While Intoxicated is a crime. An organization that has as much influence on our young people as the NFL should get it straight. D. Holley Carnright
Ulster County District Attorney

Holly's letter which is three sentences (never one to be know for his insight) is soo brazen and ridiculous. I'm against drunk driving don't get me wrong but this is coming from the same DA that failed to investigate claims that a NYS Senator was strong arming people for money under his nose. Or his jail investigation findings that were laughable,(and we mean laughable, people were reading the findings uptown chuckling, although no one had a bigger grin than former County Clerk Al Spada, nope Uncle Al got the last laugh that day.) The same DA that passed on the Palin investigation and brushed off Auerbach's audit and findings on the investigation calling them "too political."
Perhaps the biggest reason as to why this is hypocritical, he is blasting the NFL for how it handled one of it's internal policies because of the example it sets for children. What about Holly Carnright's internal policies? Like sweeping under the rug the names of employees in the da's office that were caught looking at pornography at work. Calling it an internal WRONG Mr. Carnright. These employees salaries are paid for by the taxpayers, therefore your office should discipline and release the names of those involved. And, what kind of message is the da's office sending to kids?? However, it's no surprise with him passing on case after case, that he has time to comment on a matter that has absolutely nothing to do with Ulster County.

Since we are talking about the NFL, this letter is like Micheal Vick writing a letter against an organisation for it's mistreatment of dogs. It's just hypocritical. It might of been best for the D.A. to just not have said anything at all.


Anonymous said...

If Auerbach felt so sure of his findings on the Palen's why didn't he take them to the Attorney General. He very easily could have. But I guess he didn't want to be embarrassed on a state level by people that actually know what they are talking about.

one who knows said...

Keeerist, Jeremy

Leave our D.A. alone.

Mr Carnright is doing what he was chosen by THE PEOPLE to do.
He is trying to put the bad guys away & keep the dirty part of politics out of his office.

I say BRAVO to Mr. Carnright & boo to you who try & politicise his every case & every word.

a pox on politics in the Courtroom.

Shame JB, SHAME !

Anonymous said...

If Auerbach's allegations against the Palens weren't nearly as bad as he made them out in his report, I wonder how accurate his other reports are?

Anonymous said...

How does the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce justify buying a building from a Board Member?

Anonymous said...

$33,000 of un-cashed checks?!? I can tell you this, at the very least two people were in on the deal. EX: If I write a check and nobody cashes it, then the money stays in my bank account. So who ever owned those checks knows the County never cashed them. I would like to know why that is not cause for an investigation. Somebody go paid behind all this you can bank on that. Mr. Carnright wanted this to go away and he had the power to sweep it under the rug. Looks like the Palen's have friends in high places.