Friday, September 24, 2010

Peter Rooney

Look at this video, this is a Youtube video of the fuel and Dump truck that collided and hit Peter Ronney's warehouse. Peter Rooney a candidate for the NYS Assembly's 101st, had illegal fireworks in the warehouse which went off as a cause of the collision. It made it very difficult and dangerous for rescue workers to respond and put them in serious danger, as you can tell from the below video. It's a very powerful video.


Anonymous said...

Rooney knew nothing about this. It was his wife who put them in there,errrr no, wait, it was his father in law, eeerrrr, no, wait, it was his worker. Yeah that's it! It was that guy he uses to help in the warehouse who put them there!

No, they weren't for his big 4th of July party either. He has no idea how those illegal fireworks got in there. Mr. Money Bags, must have done something to keep his name out of it. Rooney thinks he can buy his way out of or into anything.

Another fine investigation by our absentee District Attorney.

one who knows said...

Hey, JB

how much did ya get from Kevin
" Shelly's boy" Cahill for this one ?

Anonymous said...

Actually 6:55 the investigation is done by the Sheriff's Department who I have a lot of faith in and who I am sure you do to since you seem to be going with the propaganda that the rest of the democratic party whores are.

Come one Jeremy, Rooney is an idiot. Why don't you nail him on issues (of which he has no clue what they are). This notion that he had some illegal fireworks (which about 75% of the people in this county also have) does nothing but make him seem like a normal person. Albany is made up of people breaking laws and ethics. All this subject does is tell voters why Rooney is a perfect fit for Albany.

And by the way the video sucks. They are dubbing sound over still pictures. If that was even sounds from the fire that day, it could be one or two bangs looped to make it sound worse. Trust me I know 12 year olds that could edit in an atomic blast. I know responders that were there that day and this is a non-issue.

Beat this guy on facts, not bullshit. What is your next article, Fawn Tantillo got a speeding ticket?

Anonymous said...

Rooney is a dud, you don't need this garbage. He has no idea at all about real issues.
His first statement to the press said it all "“I’m little behind on some of those issues, but I’m working on them".

Ok Peter, let us know when you are done working. No wonder Mario got left. He couldn't pick a decent candidate if they were in his dental chair.

Anonymous said...

Fawn could not get a speeding ticet maybe over the weight limit