Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Just thinking today about the historic race for County Executive and County Comptroller. I know that it's only June and I have focused on these races enough to make a lot of people tired already but they are so important for the future of Ulster County. Just think on January 1st we will have an elected County Executive and an elected County Comptroller that is directly accountable to the people of Ulster County.

When we go to the polls this November and vote for our candidates, whoever they may be, we should all remember tha because of the leadership of John Parete, we are electing a County Executive and a County Comptroller. John Parete led the charge of implementing a County Executive form of government in Ulster County.

And in 2011 when we go to single member districts in the County legislature, making our county lawmakers more accountable to their constituents, you can again thank John Parete who led that effort as well.

While this was a joint effort, John Parete is very much responsible for bringing accountability to County Government.


Jeanette Provenzano said...

Thank you Jeremy for recognizing the important historic times that lie ahead for Ulster County Government. You are correct in your statement "John Parete, as Chairman of our Party, led the fight in getting this all accomplished." We need to continue with his Leadership for the County Democratic Party to move forward. I urge members of our party to support John Parete for re-election as Chair at the September caucus. John also encouraged his son's Rich and Rob to stay with the fight to bring out the facts in the mismangement of the jail. We now know how important that issue was and still is. This is not the time to elect someone who does not have political savy. We need to continue with a Chairman who is politicaly smart, tough minded and is unwavering in his quest for victory for Democratic candidates and our party

Jeremy Blaber said...

Please do not mistake this as an endorsement for John Parete. As far as I know Sennett is still an announced candidate for chair, and I am still supporting him. However, I strongly would support John Parete if Sennett was not running.

Anonymous said...


What an a*&hole Schriebman is, he would take the Democrats back 10 years. We all know where we were 10 years ago!

The choice is simple!!! Parete.

Anonymous said...

Point of information:
Tom Hoffay and John Stegmayer started the lawsuit 15 years ago that ultimately ended the Republican gerrymandering.

Parete just road the coattails of that lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

12:15 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was the result of the lawsuit, 15 years ago???

Anonymous said...

Sennett Sennett Sennett. Schreibman is qualified to shine Sennett's shoes I suppose.