Monday, June 09, 2008

Sottile Doing the Right Thing

We all saw the headlines on Saturday, the three DPW women that are alleging sexually harassment came forward and held a press conference in front of the Ulster County Court House with their attorney Mike Sussman.

One should remember that there are two sides to every story and thus far we have only heard one side. With that being said, I watched the video and I agree the charges are serious and should be taken seriously. No employee should ever work in the environment that these allegations suggest. Thankfully Mayor Sottile has taken the matter seriously and ordered mandatory sexual harassment training for all city employees. Furthermore, an investigation is being conducted by the City and the State Human Rights division.

It seems by all accounts, Mayor Sottile is handling this unfortunate situation correctly and through the appropriate channels and should be commended for his leadership. Of course his opponents have taken this opportunity to attack him and try to take a sensitive issue and use it for political gain...which is truly shameful.

Kudos to Mayor Sottile for not taking the bait.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding.

All businesses and governments need codes of conduct and guidelines for appropriate behavior. It is sad that this needs to be taught to adults.

One might argue that protection for the alleged victims should have been in place long ago.

The alleged victims pay and so will taxpayers with lawsuits.

Sotile needs to get the entire administration on notice that professional behavior is expected and demanded.

Policy #1: No throwing drinks.

Anonymous said...

Come on..... 1 comment on Sottile and 3 on Bonacic? You are so full of it.

Anonymous said...

The mandatory training was pathetic. All they did was show a 20 minute video. That's ridiculous.

Sottile has defended Gorsline and he will continue to do so. He is hiding from this stuff and he deserves no kudos.

Anonymous said...

"If we still had Jay Hogan as DPW Chief, none of this would have happened." -Rich Cahill Jr.

Anonymous said...

The only way he can get kudos is to FIRE THEM NOW. Hire a city manager, and start running the city as a business. I would like to know what his wife is thinking. Lets not forget Gorsline and how great he is, walking out on his wife for 24 reasons. Why is this going on with our money? What is wrong with our administration? Suspend all of the administration untill this is worked out. People want the position but don't want the accountable. WOW this is unreal for 2008. Get with the times people. Get some professional people in office. Shame on you for Kudos. Grow up and play by the rules. Pictures don't lie.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's comments to the Freeman were certainly not a professional dealing with the situation. Instead he attacked the women bringing the allegations. Of course there are two sides to every story, but whether or not those allegations are true, the city doesn't need a mayor who himself breaks the city's code of conduct by retaliating publicly against women for bringing forward allegations of sexual harassment. That's illegal and simply immature. Rather than demonize the women as Sotile clearly intended, he instead painted the city as an ignorant, misogynist boys' club.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo botched things big time - he will cost the taxpayer's millions - by isolating and segregating the victims on the third floor of City Hall he componded the retaliation damages - what a silly man throwing away our tax dollars. What jerks electing him.