Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain: I Didn't Love America Until I was Held Prisoner...Hypocrite!


Jeremy Blaber said...

How dare the right wing attack Obama's wife, when their own candidate is saying these kind of comments.

Anonymous said...

You have Gore coming out in support of Obama but nothing about his running mate, Joe Lieberman, coming out in support of McCain yesterday. If you want to be fair and balanced you might mention this somewhere.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

The difference is that McCain admitted that he had to change, that his imprisonment taught him to love America. In other words, he admitted to being at fault for not loving America.

Michelle Obama made it clear that her lack of pride in our nation was not due to a fault of hers but due to a fault or imperfection of the entire country.

She judges an entire nation of 300 million people while John McCain judges his own faults. She demonstrates arrogance while McCain demonstrates humility.

Anonymous said...

Until he was captured and held prisoner, McCain did not value the greatness of our nation and the freedoms it offers.

What Michelle Obama said effectively is "until my husband was one of 2 or 3 people who might lead this country (as opposed to serving it by being a P.O.W.), I wasn't proud of this country."

What happened to the new Blaber - kinder, gentler. You want to trash Sen. McCain's politics - go for it. BUT, don't even compare Senator McCain's heroic imprisonment as a prisoner of war to some snitty remark by a person who's only proud when her husband might become President. There is no comparison.

McCain is a patriot, and hero even if we disagree with his politics. Can the same be said of Senator or Ms. Obama? Of course not. There is nothing heroic about either of them.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy do you love America? sometimes you don't realize it till it effects you what a great country we are. By the way who are the two for the senate I never heard of the isn't that Larkins seat

Jeremy Blaber said...

6:55 PM:

For one, I think that both comments are ridiculous, and no one would challenge McCain if his campaign and his wife did not attack Mrs.Obama. The McCain camp opened the door to this. Do I believe that McCain does not love his Country? No, I think that like Obama that he loves his country.

And, absolutely, we can say that Senator Obama is a patriot, he has dedicated his life to public service and most likely will be the next President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

I only love America when there is a Democratic President, Democratic Congress, 9 Democratic Supreme Court Justices, 50 Democratic Governors, etc..


Anonymous said...

1:43 PM Lieberman came out for McCain a long time ago. If you do a search on Blaber's blog for Lieberman you will see he commented on it a long time ago.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Senator Obama has not,in fact, "dedicated his life to public service." On the contrary, his entry into public service is relatively recent. Prior to that, he represented people like Tony Rezko, who was recently convicted of crimes such as money laundering and corrupt dealings with politicians, with several indictments still to be tried. Rezko also donated money to Obama's State Senate campaign and held a lavish fundraiser for Obama for his U.S. Senate campaign.

Granted, as a lawyer, Obama represented whomever he was assigned to represent by his employers. Also, many people raised money for him, as for all politicians. However, a statement to his having dedicated his life to public service is a complete exaggeration, especially in light of the evidence to the contrary.

The point is all politicians have their good points and their bad points. Anyone who expects Obama to be a saint or savior will be sorely disappointed.

He's a politician. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Clint'n Brown for President.