Monday, June 09, 2008

Rosendale Sup. Pat McDonough Endorses Hein for Exec

Ulster County voters have a unique opportunity this Fall as we implement the
long-awaited charter form of government. The new County Executive will be
the chief fiscal officer of the county, a $325 million operation with 2,000
employees. I'm excited at the prospect of supporting a candidate who will
prioritize progressive ideals within a financially responsible structure.

After recognizing fundamental differences with his former party, and
suffering deep disillusionment with them, Michael Hein has come to embrace
the broad spectrum of ideas and positions under our Democratic umbrella.
Contrary to popular spin, Democrats are concerned with fiscal responsibility
in a more realistic way than "conservatives." Basically, we recognize the
importance of investing in our future. We apply a cost and benefit analysis
to every issue (rather than just a cost analysis), whether the costs and
benefits are financial, cultural, societal, or otherwise.

By working in tandem with Legislature Chairman Dave Donaldson and Ways and
Means Committee Chair Al Lomita, Michael Hein has blended true Democratic
principles into a working and workable financial plan for Ulster County.
Responsible support for education through UCCC, performance based funding
for the UC Development Corporation, creation of the UC Department of the
Environment, pursuing a plan for shared responsibility with municipalities,
and being the first to fund the Hudson Valley's solar initiative, are just a
few of the ways he has been able to do this by collaborating closely with
the UC Legislature.

What impresses me the most when speaking with Michael about these and other
initiatives, is his deep understanding that every action involves county
taxpayers and employees. He gets it that a budget includes workers trying
to make a living and provide for their families, that protecting the
environment improves the quality of life for everyone, that supporting
economic development means opportunities for the next generation who would
like to remain in the communities where their parents and grandparents once

By seeing the big picture, and still recognizing the impact on each
individual, Michael Hein has demonstrated the leadership and sensitivity
which will carry Ulster County into the future. I am proud to endorse him
as our first Ulster County Executive.

Patrick McDonough, Supervisor
Town of Rosendale


Anonymous said...

Who cares who Pat Mcdonough or any elected Democrat endorses? Who is Hein listening to? He's getting bad advice that does nothing good for his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Democratic supervisor endorses Democratic candidate for executive.

Bookworm said...

Dont you think Old Patrick
is a day late and a dollar short?

Anonymous said...

- "Dont you think Old Patrick
is a day late and a dollar short?"

Is it November 5th already?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hein could get his Mommy to endorse him too.

Seriously is this guy even old enough to be our Executive. Bernardo has at least 10 years more experience than Hein. Think about yourself..... how much smarter are you now than you were 10 years ago. Would you rather vote for yourself now, or yourself from 10 years ago.

I was an idiot 10 years ago.

Speaking of 10 years ago, I think another poster pointed out that 10 years ago, Jeremy was only 9 years old. What a cute thought. A 9 year old Jeremy bloging about his toy trucks and computer games. Now, 10 years later he blogs about Politics.

Anonymous said...

I want someone who runs a roller rink to lead a county of 200,000 people.
Mr. Insanity

Get real people. This is not even an election. If the Republicans were serious about who they wanted to be the County Exec., they would have endorsed someone else.

Anonymous said...

Mr Insanity.... Bernardo opened the roller rink, after he retired from a successful career as President of a company in NYC. He never knew a skate wheel from a toe stop before he opened that roller rink. He made his money in NYC and retired here in Ulster. His wife was a skater and wanted a rink, so he built it. Check out his resume, he's done business with some pretty big companies in NYC. I don't think that Ulster is going to be a challenge for him.

Anonymous said...

Bernardo can go back to NYC, then.
From what we've heard, his skating rink is a hot-bed for troubled teens of the Rondout Valley....I don't see what he has to offer us.

Check out Mike Hein's website and you'll agree that he is the only choice to lead our new County Government.

I'd like to see Bernardo cut his political teeth at a lower level before taking on such an important position.

Perhaps a Town Council or Supervisor run, or maybe a County Legislature seat?

Mr. Insanity