Thursday, June 05, 2008

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We want Hillary on the ticket as the Vice-presidential nominee because we do not believe the democratic party will win if she is not on the ticket. While this is obvious to us, there is little evidence the other camp understands how critical she is to the success of the ticket.
2,000,000 signatures behind this idea will go far in demonstrating the power of Hillary’s support.

1. We believe Hillary must be on the ticket because it is the only way many women, seniors, Catholics, working class men and women, Hispanics, and Jewish Americans will vote for the ticket.

2. We believe Hillary must be on the ticket because she polls ahead of McCain in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan; states critical to our victory this fall.

3. We believe Hillary must be on the ticket because she wins the big states and the swing states; states the Democrats need to reach the 270 electoral votes required for success in November. States won by Hillary represent 300 electoral votes; states won by Obama represent 217.

4. We believe Hillary must be on the ticket because more Americans voted for her than for any primary candidate in history. 18,000,000 Democrats chose her to lead the country and the free world.

5. We believe Hillary must be on the ticket because it is the only way we will be willing to put our full, essential energy and effort behind the ticket between now and November.


Anonymous said...

Hillary WON'T take it. What do you think she will do in 2012. If she is the VP, will she try to take the nomination away from Obama? She cannot wait until 2016 to run! Her last chance will be 2012, and for that to happen, she NEEDS Obama to lose.

Anonymous said...

This smacks of extortion. No candidate for the presidency should be boxed in to accept any candidate. There are an equal number of reasons why Hillary may be a detriment to the ticket. She deserves consideration and should go through the normal vetting process.

To indicate in reason 5 that your participation will be lessened if she is not the choice is short-sighted and immature.

There is no doubt that Hillary can be an assest to an Obama administraion or even a candidate for the Supreme Court, but Obama should be given the time and respect to make his choices.

Jeremy Blaber said...

To be fair, I believe Obama will win without Hillary. The writing is an excerpt from the website. I do agree Hillary is a guaranteed W for Obama, she will help in key states like Ohio and Flordia...where Obama trails. I also feel that Hillary has gotten 18 million votes and deserves the VP spot. This truly is a dream ticket.

Anonymous said...

I think the word is " NIGHTMARE "

Anonymous said...

Obama will not succeed without Hillary as VP. He cannot secure the big states like she did and even I would consider voting for McCain without her on the ticket.

I am one of a significant faction of Clinton supporters who think Obama is too liberal and naive to compete against a POW survivor with independent support.

Seal the deal and lets be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeremy, Obama is a sure loser at this point. He trails McCain badly in EV's and his support among Democrats,even in blue states like Ma. and NY., are hovering around 65%. Hillary will accept the VP to help. I don't know if it will.

Anonymous said...

Why would he want her. She is a complete liability. Does she and her husband now say everything about him not being ready for the position is wrong and they just made a mistake? What does she do with Bill who has a very bad story in Vanity Fair coming out as we speak. Put her out to pasture, she is done. What are the 18 million going to suddenly vote for McCain? You are drinking the Kool Aid here. Wake up and see the time of the Clinton's has passed. A very good run but she is toast. Bring in new blood. She does not want to be Vice President anyway.

Anonymous said...

Liability for Obama? Ha ha ha ha! Hillary could only help him. His chances now are slim to none. Even with her help his disadvantage is staggering.

Steve Schultz said...

No one votes for vice-president.

And no one deserves the vice-presidency.