Friday, June 06, 2008

John McCain - Lost in Space


Anonymous said...

What a goofball.

Anonymous said...

I'd still NEVER vote for Barack Hussein Obama

Anonymous said...

McCain is nothing to get excited about, I will admit that. However, if you want an entirely differenct country, unrecognizable compared to the 20th century, then you go for Obama. If you think Bush with a blank check for the war is bad, imagine an outright liberal, with a blank check called the congress.

You wouldn't want a president who is beholden to the far religious right, and I would admit it would not be healthy for the country. Well, the same SHOULD be said regarding someone beholden to the far left.

Anonymous said...


On the war...wrong
On the economy...wrong
On taxes...wrong
On Energy Policy...wrong
On lobbying reform...wrong
On a woman's right to chose...wrong
On Supreme Court Judges...wrong
On Healthcare...wrong
On Social Security...wrong

As a flip/flopper...right on.

Any self-respecting Democrat or Independent could never vote for a candidate with his record.