Friday, June 20, 2008

Scott McClellan

It's not many times that I will defend President Bush but when it comes to Scott McClellan, I kind of feel sorry for Bush. When people like Scott McClellan or Tony Snow join an administration or are hired to advise a campaign they give up their journalistic ethics. It is their job and responsibility to work on behalf of the person that hired them. President Bush put full trust as he should have, in Mr. McClellan and was betrayed in the worst way. It was Mr. McClellan's job to spin things for the President and make him and his administration look good. It's not a job for everybody, some people can't handle that sort of blinded loyalty or even understand it but that is the job. It's what you must do for as long as you serve in that position and even afterward.

If Mr.McClellan really had a specific issue that was a conflict, like the President was engaging in activities that compromised the integrity of the office or in a manner that made McClellan feel uncomfortable, he had the right to resign his position. That is not the case, it's political payback. What Mr.McClellan is doing is not something that is to be admired or considered patriotic, it's despicable and disgraceful. It's very clear that Scott McClellan was not worthy of the position of trust he was given.


Anonymous said...

Karl Rove could not have said it better himself. Wait until Blaber is hobbling off Air Force One as President Chelsea Clinton's Press Secretary. No one will ever accuse you of not being loyal to who you support.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

This time, I have to agree with Mr. Blaber. Not because I wish to defend President Bush (goodness knows, I have my own complaints about some of his stances and acts, and I have made them public in my radio show), but because Mr. Blaber happens to be right about Mr. McClellan's responsibilities as Press Secretary.

If you do not like what the President is doing, leave the job. To do otherwise makes you a mercenary, selling your services for fame and fortune. Complaining afterwards about the acts of the President is hypocritical.

Obviously, Ari Fleischer and Tony Snow did their jobs because they agreed with much, if not all, of what the President said and did. McClellan is no hero for going along with what he personally condemned and then making himself out to be a martyr.

Kudos, Mr. Blaber, for taking the high road on this one and rising above the partisan hero worship many liberals have fallen to with regard to Scott McClellan.

Jeremy Blaber said...

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Anonymous said...

Benedict McClellan must have run up huge gambling or crack debts and is behaving like this to get out of hock.

Cal the Conservative

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but Spin is always trumped by truth in most peoples minds and journalistic ethics doesn't fall to party propaganda.

Go Scott Go and we need more of you !!!!

This sounds very much like the old Eichmann Argument from the 50's when a Nazi war criminals defence claimed he was only FOLLOWING ORDERS and DOING HIS JOB.

Please let's not forget that this group seems to have manipulated the nation into an unjust war!!!
Lives were lost and more than 4000 families buried love ones!!!

Whenever,where ever and however the public is lied to by it's elected officials, we deserve to know the truth.

Remember what Ted said of Bobby?
"SAW WRONG AND TRIED TO RIGHT IT, SAW SUFFERING AND TRIED TO HEAL IT, SAW WAR AND TRIED TO END IT..." and he was the Attorney General for his brother and L.B.J.

Anonymous said...

McClellan's honesty would be considered courageous and perhaps even virtuous if he were motivated by a sense of duty to the get the truth to the American people rather than a book-sales payday for himself.

I've heard it said "there is no honor among thieves." I think the same can be said about liars. McClellan was the mouthpiece for administration lies, and is now disloyal to those whose lies he told. I guess we should be grateful - McClellan's testimony is noteworthy because there has been astonishing dishonesty from this administration.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you Jeremy. Sometimes the greatest change comes from those inside the machine because they have full access to the dirty details. It takes courage to be a whistle blower of a system you were part of.

McClellan was with W from his Texas days and believed in the man and the GOP party. And like the American people he was conned. He became disillusioned and saw the lies behind the spin.

This war was forced on the American people and on the backs of our military for the profit of a few.

Could have and should have McClellan stayed deaf indefinitely to the very words he espoused nightly on national TV?

Deaf, for instance, to the White House's constantly changing motive for US involvement? We are invading because of a connection with 9/11...I mean they have WMD's... no wait make that Iraqi liberation,...hold that...I mean spreading democracy...actually occupation and stealing oil fields from another country.

McClellan is not the only one in Bush's administration to see the man behind the curtain and he will not be the last. Democrats should applaud the courage it takes for enlightened Republicans to come forward and admit that they, and their party, were in the wrong.

As for feeling sorry for Bush? Pleeease. Look at the images of our soldiers with their legs and arms blown off. Look at their families mourning the fallen. Look at the Iraqi victims in thelatest bombing and then ask yourself - for all the billions spent - where is Osama Bin Laden, now?

Bush is more than a miserable failure - he is quite simply another greedy bastard taking advantage of a patriotic and trusting public.