Sunday, June 22, 2008

George Carlin Dead At 71

Comedian George Carlin died on Sunday at 71, Carlin was hospitalized at St.John's in LA after having chest pains. I was a big fan of Carlin's, I have all his books and many of his routines downloaded on Itunes, I didn't always agree with what he had to say specifically on religion but he was a great comedian. It's a loss to Kingston as well, Carlin came down to UPAC about once a year and the event was always sold out. For one reason or another I always missed the event, I'll go next year, I always told myself....just a reminder of how short life is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks George!!!
I also loved the books the tapes the performances, routines, and insights. If he had turned to politics instead of comedy, he could have led a revolution!!!smitty

Anonymous said...

He was a catalyst for moral decay in America. May God have mercy on his pitiful soul.

very Rev. Hortense V. Greunweld
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of LDS -- Oren, Utah

Anonymous said...

Hey Rev.
We're not so worried about God having mercy.That's either a given or a mystery.

What worries me is the Christian Machoism that oxymorons a really great message. PEACE!!!!smitty

Anonymous said...

Doubtful that the "Very Rev." is anything but an imposter post, since the town's real name is "Orem";however, one never knows...if the post is real,wake up and smell reality there, Rev. Hortense.
Carlin was fine not turning to politics;however, had he turned to organizations like SNAP(Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests and Nuns)and Voice of the Faithful, he may well have been able to make more of a difference in opposing in some practical way the dark recesses of the operation of the Catholic church in this country. He did manage to survive and do it well for 71 years, which is more of an accomplishment for a male raised Catholic than a great many such creatures manage to accomplish.
The silly Freeman of course wouldn't publish my post since it thinks(with good reason no doubt) it will lose business from Catholics if it does(the jokes were all about unbridled authority for its own sake--not Catholic Catechism per se', by the way), and instead put a glossed-over review of Carlin's life on as a story and treated him like someone who had no opinions about religion or anything...quite possibly the funniest joke going on the story of George Carlin!! So I agree that Jeremy should be making the Freeman less and less relevant since its agenda is merely to mollify, while actually presenting accurate information on a topic or at least including it in the discussion takes a bit more guts.