Thursday, June 26, 2008


Anyone else feel that the Freeman editorial on Congresswoman Gillibrand was extremely unfair? The editorial criticizes the Congresswoman on her vote in favor of continuing the funding the war in Iraq, as did I but then they call her tenure a complete failure because of her one vote. They also show they are out of touch when they suggest she beat former Congressman Sweeney in part because of his support of the war.

First, Gillibrand beat Congressman Sweeney because of his personal indiscretions : getting drunk on tape at a college frat party, a police report accusing him of allegedly beating his wife ect.

The Congresswoman also defeated Sweeney because of certain policy differences that the two differed on...Iraq was not one of them.

Gillibrand who has been critical of the way Bush handled the war has never flip flopped her position that we need to support the troops and do the best we can to handle the current situation in a diplomatic manner.

Now, I strongly disagree with what she feels that diplomatic approach is, I agree with my Congressman, Maurice Hinchey that we need to end the illegal occupation of Iraq as soon as possible. So in my opinion Congressman Hinchey is representing his constituents (me) with his vote to discontinue funding.

I also believe that Congresswoman Gillibrand is representing her constituents with her vote to continuing funding, she lives in a very Conservative district. When you are an elected representative your job is to be just that, a representative of your district.

Congresswoman Gillibrand is representing her constituents feelings with her vote and for that she is a patriot.


Anonymous said...

Your hero Hinchey often doesn't vote the way his constituents wants and he's praised by people like you for having courage and principle. Gillibrand, supported for election by the Clintons and Hinchey, shows no courage and principle if she panders to her conservative district.

Anonymous said...

First, I hope you are not assuming that you represent the average constituent in Hinchey's district by saying "he is representing his constituents" (me). Because I am a constituent of his and disagree with many of his votes and your views. Second, her district is against this war as much as our district does. And, while Sweeney did have all the problems you mentioned, she certainly did run on an anti-war platform.

Anonymous said...

Two Words:


Gillibarf, just like that idiot John Hall are 1 - termers. Hinchey will win again because enough young Communists in Ithaca will vote for him.

GOP will probably pick up a few seats in Congress this fall, with a few seats in NY and IN making up the difference, but it won't be enough to take over the majority. I'd look for the Republicraps to lose a few more seats in the Senate, but not enough
to make it to a 60 seat super majority. So, President McCain will have to work in a Bi-partisan
environment, which after 8 years of Da Bouche-Bag, will make America a better place to live in.

We really need a Third Party.


Santa Claus