Friday, October 01, 2010

Former candidate for Governor and King of All Media Backs Cuomo for Governor

Howard Stern Thursday said he was supporting Cuomo over Paladino for Governor on his radio show :

Howard said this guy Paladino is a maniac too. He said he read about the meltdown he had when they were asking him about a mistress he might have. Howard did an impression of the guy having his meltdown and he stated screaming that Andrew Cuomo had an affair when he didn't.

Howard said the guy should have said that he came clean about what he did and that he has character flaws. He said he could have said it in a calm way and not flipped out like this guy did.
Howard said he knew this guy was whacked out of his skull just by looking at his raccoon eyes. He said that Elvis' mother had those too. Howard said the guy has to get some sleep or something. Howard said Elvis' mother was whacked out of her skull and so is this guy. Howard asked who the hell this guy thinks he is.

Howard said he's voting for Cuomo. It's as easy as that. Howard said when he sees a guy that whacked out he's not going to vote for him. Howard said you can't be running around yelling and cursing when reporters ask you a question. He said it shows that you're out of your mind. Howard said the guy is irrational.

Howard Stern ran for Governor in 1994 but dropped out because he did not want to disclose his income, he endorsed Pataki over incumbent Governor Mario Cuomo.


Anonymous said...

Great. IF Howard endorses him, I will vote for him. What is Howard getting? Whitman named a rest stop bathroom after him for his endorsement in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

wow. what a responsible individual backing Cuomo. Yeah, like that person is going to sway my vote to Cuomo. I think not......and Howard calling Paladino a whacko? Takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok.....the dump mouth of all radio backs Cuomo for governor so I SHOULD? LOLOLOL....
Jeremy, you crack me up!!